For love

Why does she

in an empty room retreat

on this day

year after year?


In that far Autumn of 1968

she saw her dreams


by sacrifice asked to make


Her love was

wedded to his work

promotion was

in the pipeline


Time wasn't right

a family to raise

planning in future

more sense would make


Tomorrow came

but nature had slipped

motherhood by

no fruit was bourne


She'd made

a noble sacrifice for love

accepted her fate

and never resorted to blame


On every anniversary

she wears a white dress

and remembers alone

in an empty room


the life that

was ripped

from her womb

for the love of a man

with no bitterness harboured

about stolen immortality

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Hannah Collins

Thu 7th May 2020 19:12

The white dress, the sacrifice.

Beautiful poetry.


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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 4th May 2020 10:24

Moon.girl & Po

Many thanks for your constructive criticism always encouraging and much appreciated.


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Mon 4th May 2020 00:26

Joy to read and thus be apart of.

Deeply felt.

Wonderfully expressed.

Be well


Sun 3rd May 2020 21:54

Sir I must say you have a flair for expressing emotions in the form of poetry. This is a beautifully woven piece. Although sadness is the theme, but admire the way it's written.

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