Lockdown Wall

I was catching some afternoon sun,

Sitting on the garden wall by the pavement.

A woman came along with two young children

On their pedal bikes, a boy and a girl.

Riding along the side walk

As Mummy watched closely,

A hand ready for instant support.


They weren't going very fast.

I stood back and smiled, 'Hello.'

Their faces lit up with pleasure

And all three stopped at once,

Clustered a safe distance away.

The rosy little girl said, 'I'm four.

I can't peddle yet, but I can keep up.'

The lad chimed in, 'I'm six and I can peddle.'

'She's learning every day.' said Mum.

Her daughter beamed.

'Yes, I can see that. It won't be long now.

And then you can ride together.'


The children sparkled with friendliness.

Their mum leaned a little forward,

A sense of impossible privacy.

'They're so chatty. I hope you don't mind.'

'Mind?' I chuckled. 'They are delightful.

Chatty children are happy children.

My little girls thought our whole town

Was one big family.'


She smiled, and gathered her chicks.

I turned away as they passed,

And climbed back up to my flat,

More warmed by people than by sunshine.


Cynthia Buell Thomas, May 2020

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Hannah Collins

Thu 7th May 2020 19:06

Heart warming, the joy of communication.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 7th May 2020 15:36

Pleasing in its simplicity without being mawkish.

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Adam Whitworth

Thu 7th May 2020 13:48

An inspiring read. Thank you and well done. I agree with all the comments.
The last line is lovely (even though I might have said "Warmed more by people than sunshine". That's not to criticise at all, i'm just always wondering how these things might or might not be done)

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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 7th May 2020 13:02

Beautiful last line. All this lockdown and social distancing is alien to humans who are gregarious by nature.

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Thu 7th May 2020 13:01

A lovely piece Cynthia - warming in and of itself. 😀

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