Heart Of Stone

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Heart Of Stone


Medusa couldn’t get a boy

No matter how she tried

She had a go at on-line dating

But on her profile she lied

She was hoping for some desperate lad

Looking for a bride

But when she posted pictures

They would run away and hide


She spends many an hour

Teasing and straightening her snakes

And applying subtle make-up

To up the beauty stakes

Although, to be honest,

A Gorgon’s look is no great shakes

But she tries her very best

And will do whatever it takes


It’s so hard being a Titan

When your expectations are prone

To be less than what they should be

So you end up all alone

With no matches on Monster dot com

And nobody will phone

To arrange to meet a girl

Who will turn them into stone


So she hides away in caves

And writes poetry and verse

And just gets on with life

And tries to forget her curse

Because she knows, that to be honest

It could be a whole lot worse

Because she’s got a roof over her head

And money in her purse


At last she got a lover

And she asked him round for tea

And she fed him olives and ambrosia

And read her poetry

He was beautiful and blind

Which meant he couldn’t see

What her face did to all the others

So didn’t feel the need to flee


He loved to hear her sonnets

And he loved her for the sound

Of that sweet, melodious voice

He revelled in the love he’d found

And he never ever tired

Of touching the statues all around

The cavern in which they lived

And their true love knew no bounds


They lived happily together

Both in and out of bed

And he often reflected

On what his mother said

In a quiet secret whisper

On the day that they were wed

he was warned she looked like trouble

and would probably lose her head.

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Sat 16th May 2020 16:51

The myth of medusa was always one that saddened me for medusa did nothing wrong but be beautiful, its very refreshing to see her find love in such a modern and comical rendition of her tragic fate.

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Ian Whiteley

Sat 16th May 2020 14:14

Thanks for the kind comments lads - appreciate it ?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th May 2020 17:26

Welcome reason to smile at both the content and form. Nice to get
a happy ending (of a sort) too.
Consider Medusa
Snakes alive...
She's no loser!

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