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You call out in your despair, as the load has become too much to bare

The aid you require has your vision impaired

For the moment all you see is all about you and no one else

How to relieve yourself of this task and get some rest


What if you took a moment?

To examine those that you have enlisted for aid

Have you seen their weary hearts?

Have you seen their tired eyes?


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Where to from here

I stared into the abyss

Into the place void of hope

Into the chasm that swallows all dreams

I stared into the darkness before me


Shut your eyes the voice said

Look inside, I was instructed

Look beyond what is before you

See, I said see all that resides within


All you see, is not all there is

There is more inside

There is more set up for you

Look to me and...

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The changing of times come

Many are aware, yet few are prepared

The transitioning from one state to another

The falling away and new birth witnessed

Of harvests and sowing

Of building up and tearing down

Of holding up and pruning some


Inevitable in all their ways

Slightly different with every year

The colours though appearing the same, uniquely chan...

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There is a beauty in humanity that goes beyond skin deep

A marvel that resides beyond the colour of one’s skin

That is seen when you peer through one’s heart

When intensions are deciphered and love is revealed

When uniqueness is celebrated, and diversity appreciated

When we all realise that the blood that courses through our veins remains the same

That in the variety of personali...

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Ignorance is the deceiver of all men

The fate of which can come close to death

As though not knowing gravity exists will prevent you from falling

Nor that laws set in place will keep you out of prison


Ignorance is a dangerous mistress

It lures you in only to leave you stranded

It will strip you of your independence

Leave you bare for all to ridicule


Knowledge, how...

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Changing of times

The tears that flow when loss occurs

The hurt that follows when absence is felt

To hold on to the physical, not possible

Only memories remain


The silence that comes when one is not around

The reminiscing of times past, and unsaid words

Of forgotten praises and missed calls

Of passing of time, and evolving of relating


Living a life worth rejoicing essential


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The Journey of another

To see life through your eyes

To walk this life through your feet

To hear the world with your ears

To embrace experiences with your arms


To rejoice and celebrate with your emotions

To appreciate all in a way that only you can

To know all that your mind harbours

To appreciate you as God intended


To look and see beyond this physical space

To set my gaze on the fu...

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The calmness of the sea

On a warm summer’s day

The stillness of the air when all is at rest

I want you to see me, that which your eyes cannot

I want you to hear, that which your ears are closed to hear

The still quiet voice that whispers all

That reveals all that which you wish to see

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The simplicity of life

The complexity of man

Of expectations not heard

And intentions hidden in the crevices deep within one’s heart


The double standards that exist

Yet the respect that is demanded

The trust that is violated

All in the name of self-love


Many avoid to be used

Yet find themselves culprits of being users

Of trampling on others, and leaving them...

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The art of friendship is a marvel to behold

A masterpiece that takes years to uphold

The colours that mingle and the paint that dries

Leaves a print that will not pass


The shapes that take form and the angles that are defined

Boundaries that are set and space assigned

The depth that it carries and the minds that holds it

The hands that form it, and the hearts that envisio...

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I will learn to love you

Though we are different in many ways

The blood that runs deep within our veins

Red it remains, all the same

I will learn to love you


Though our language different it may be

And our ways parallel and not the same

Our hearts beat, every second of everyday

I will see the value in you


Though our interactions different at times

Arguments arise and opinions apart


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Blind to it all

Time wasted, words lost
Laughter subdued, all in the name of friendship
Many say it, yet few do it
Walk away, let it go
Deep inside you know the truth
The one you can’t deceive is you
Out of sight out of mind is the saying

Ears shut to the cries of many
Eyes closed so as to ignore the pain of others
Arms clenched in readiness of survival
Hearts cold, selfishness at the centre

The se...

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The floating words that speak of life
The whispers that tell tales of times past
The expressions that carry the experiences
The emotions that reveal of all that is carried within
The picture painted with many hands…….
The bruising that was unexpectant
Interactions and knowledge

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Chasing shadows

The illusions that delude us

The intangible that send us chasing the wind

The dreams of others we pursue

Without the understanding nor reasoning to see them through


Seeking to relate with the shadow

Yet ignoring the person

Which then is more real to you?

The shadow will fade yet the person remains


Why disguise yourself like another in the pursuit to belong

Why ...

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Dear Friends,

My countenance may not be the best, nor my affect much to be desired.

When misunderstanding is my current predicament and the fuzzies my current companion.

In the pursuit to be heard, I was ignored.

In the pursuit to preserve, I was tossed aside.

In the pursuit to uphold what I believed to be instructions, I was deemed an outcast, an outlaw. Were my endeavours far-fe...

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The evolving and metamorphosing of life

The birthing of ideas and innovations

The inspirations and visons that enlighten the simple

The voices that wakeup nations


Many run from this, hoping to stay in their old ways

Thinking if they run fast enough, change won’t come to stay

In vain they hold on to that which is obsolete

Hoping, yes wishing, they would just remain the sam...

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Sunsets are glorious in my eyes
Many start but not all finish
Races are started but yet not completed
Dreams are written but never fulfilled
Sunsets remind me that all things must come to an end
As wonderful a beginning is, the end must be more glorious
What we do in our life matters
How we run our lives matter
Glorious finishes are possible
All we have to do is see it through 

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The art of communication

Hellos and goodbyes, we hear all day
The articulation of words in speech
When gestures can confer many meanings
Yet silence can speak a thousand words
How is it that some speak, and others hear nothing?

In communicating, thoughts and ideas are exchanged
In actions, miscommunication may occur, but discussion can clear it all
Many wish to know others yet their hearts have they closed off

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The Observer

To the observer,
In silence you watch
From a distance you explore
Intrigued by interactions
The interplay of lives

To the observer
The deciphering of actions
Of intents not spoken
Of desires not revealed
The mystery of the heart

To the observer
Imagination your friend
Decoding of spoken words
And of brushing of hands
Of winking of eyes

To the observer
The laughter that is hea...

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As memories meander and one remembers

Of times past and tales untold 

The challenges that built character 

The longing that birthed passion 

 The silence that spoke volumes 

And the words heard in stillness 

The journeys that ended, and ones that evolved 

The love that was kept, and pain released

Memories of lessons learnt and growth attained 

Memories, the pieces that m...

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Beauty of maturity

The secret that comes with maturity

That many flee, never making the acquaintance

The promotions that lay within maturity

Treasures hidden, only the wise can find

The selflessness that comes with maturity

The love that knows no bounds and lifts many

The patience that comes with maturity

The process that builds character

The care that comes with maturity

The acce...

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Today I was challenged, to think beyond the now

Today I was challenged, to let go and move one

Today I was challenged, to embrace all regardless the form

Today I was challenged, to be the best of me


To love beyond my limits

To endure beyond the pressures

To hold on even when it hurts

To push on even when the body tires


Today I saw my potential, beyond what my eye ...

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Sacred memories

The tears cried invisible to others

The hurt hidden, so deep no search can find

The memories that flood the mind, only you can live through

Time appears to stand still for you, yet the world keeps moving


Memories is all you now have

Memories is all you can hold on to

Memories is all that is tangible

Memories, the gateway to hear


To hears one’s voice again

To he...

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I went through and rearranged

I went through and culled it all

I went through and cleared the dirt

I went through and shined it all


One by one, I sorted through

All that I had, and all that was through

I repositioned and examined some

Threw out a few, as change needed to be done


Saying goodbye isn’t always nice

But at times needed, if progress is to be achieved


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Saying i love you

Saying I love you means I forgive you
Saying I love you means I choose to see the best of you
Saying I love you means through it all I remain unmoved
Saying I love you means I choose not to count the wrongs against you
Saying I love you means I believe in you
Saying I love you means I treasure you
Saying I love you means I am mature enough to handle us
Saying I love you means I appreciate t...

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A canvas was given to do with as you like
An empty page given for you to behold your insight
To lay down your visions and secret desires
Only to him to be revealed

The canvas before one’s eyes
Empty was it received
Endless possibilities, not set in stone
Many came and left their marks
Some everlasting beauty while others stains

Many fingers but not the same hand
Some gentle while oth...

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If silence could speak of treasured thoughts
If desires could be disseminated in the hush-ness of no sound
If we could discern the thought and intents of those close to us
Their reasoning and planning made plain for us
Then communication would not be required
And life made easier
But alas that is not the case…….
No communication means no relations

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The crossings and weavings we encounter

The hellos and goodbyes

The strangers that blessed us

The friends that left us


The etiquette we are taught to imbibe

All in the hopes to assimilate

The postures we were trained to uphold

All in hopes to conform


I will speak of the intellectuals that woo us with their lips

I will talk of beauties that entice us with their ...

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Dance of life

Shall you join me in this dance?
As i move across the dance floor of life
Every step choreographed by on high
The flow of music queing me on
The next move known by HIM alone

Will you share this dance with me?
Even though it’s for a moment
As we move to the rhythm of the beats
Progress we will make, lessons will be learnt
Though we might part ways in the end
This moment we share, we sha...

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If you love me then show me
Better yet hold my hand
Cos when you hold my hand you will feel my heart
And when you feel my heart you will look into my eyes
Then you will see I loved you from the start

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New Beginnings

To peer through stained white glass
The different reflections and refractions of light
The separation of colours that projects different perceptions
To have come this far, an accomplishment
Challenges overcome, victories celebrated
To have seen new lands, an adventure
Valleys raised, mountains crumbled
To have reached new heights
Weights removed, wings spread out

The multitude of words ...

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The yearning of a heart​

The throbbing of the mind​

The collection of many thoughts​

The wisdom of discernment​

The speech of the intellectuals​

The revelation of truth​

The captivation of an audience​

The thoughts of many hearts​


The pursuit of many dreams​

The imagination of a dreamer​

The motivation of a nation​

The upliftment of many souls​

The drive o...

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Letting go

I loved you then, and only care for you now

Though now I must let go, so that I may grow

With gratitude I depart, for we are best apart

Our season has passed, our task no longer at hand

We say our goodbyes, walking our separate ways

Cordially we move on, with more still to come


For the many smiles that moved my heart

The many hugs that held me dear

Your soft embrace an...

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In the quietness of my heart, destinies are revealed

In solitude, dreams are brought to life

In the imagination of my mind, situations are changed

Listening to the still small voice, my eyes are open

With stepping out in faith, clarity comes

Beholding His heart, His love is revealed

The embrace that stills my heart

Peace comes to overwhelm all things

The settling of storms,...

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Just Breathe

When all before you appears to dessipate, Breathe

When those you held dear are nowhere to be found, Breathe

When words your mouth cannot form, Breathe

When memories flood your mind and tears your eyes, Breathe

When voices fill your thoughts, and all you want is to feel them close, Breathe

When the world moves on, without a second thought, Breathe

When screams fill your lungs and ...

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The sound heard in silence

The words heard in solitude

Of things past and those to come

Images of what could be


Hush my heart, be still my mind

Thoughts flood in yet not all are seen

The coming of light, all is revealed


There is a silence no man can comprehend

There is a quietness only my soul knows

There is tranquillity elevated by the void of words

There i...

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Many have searched for you yet a few have had the delight to make your acquaintance

Many have perverted you in hopes of getting the upper hand of others

Many have desired to experience your true worth but have been left disappointed


What is it about you that many desire you?

What is it about you that others seek to pervert your true meaning?

Why is it that when you are broken, ...

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The day i met you

The day I met you, my spirit was awakened

I heard your voice and my heart leapt for joy

You unlocked the chest that held my secrets

The memories that haunted me, yet I feared to let go


Our encounter was life changing

Our meeting predestined

I never thought I could be well understood

I was always an enigma, that none dared to explore


You wiped my tears, and mended ...

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self worth


Memories are a funny thing

They can make you laugh but also cry

They are the basis of reliving the past

And for some, staying there


They hold secrets encapsulated in time

They hold feelings hidden from the world

A special place that one can visit as they wish

To hear voices and see smiles

To feel joy and love of those past


Memories, they hold the power to prope...

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Words spoken that were never heard
Conversations had, never remembered
Time passes, things forgotten
Memories fading, all that once was no more
Light shimmers, moonlight
The contemplations of a lonely soul

The contemplations of change

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When i think of you

When I think of you
And all you have done
My heart is full of joy
That it pours out

When I think about where I was
And where I am now
My mouth is full of songs
No man can hold me down

When I think of your love
That liquid love
My eyes are full of tears
A fountain that won’t dry out

When I think of your peace
That garrisons my heart
All my fears fade away
Like a distant memory


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To the little girl that never thought she was beautiful
To the teenager that thought she wasn’t clever
To the young lady that craved attention
To the woman, crying, alone in the dark

You who crave the attention of many
The approval of those that mean you harm
Those that scold you and mistreat you
That abuse you and leave you bruised

Let me tell you of the one that you thought was beaut...

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Dare to be different

Dare to be different, think outside the box
Dare to be different, break the locks of barred gates
Dare to be different, sail uncharted seas
Dare to be different, look beyond that you can see with your physical eyes
Dare to be different, contribute to your world
Dare to be different, bring joy and smiles to a stranger on the street
Dare to be different, challenge yourself to do more
Dare to ...

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Your love, my mind cannot fathom

Your embrace, no man can give

Your Spirit, my constant guide

Your wisdom, the key to a glorious life


Even with all this known to many

Why do they run from you?

Why do they not seek you?

You offer peace and rest

Restoration and mending

Joy unspeakable

Yet they still do not come to you


The price of ignorance is too high


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So many colours does my tapestry hold

The collation of many thoughts and dreams

Of visions given ages before and voices heard in the quietness of the night

Of victories won by faith and enemies subdued with words


The intertwining of destinies

The meeting of strangers that became family

Of smiles that were shared and dances that were danced

Of tears that flowed and laughte...

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Let’s talk about life
The intricacies that exists within it
The weaving of many destinies
The intersecting of an array of journeys
The converging of seasons
And parting of ways

The challenges and tests that frame us
The promotions that follow
The training that seems to want to break us
Fortifies and purifies us
Strong and steady we stand

The thoughts that form our character
The wor...

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I have opened my world to you

To have a glimpse of what is true

The lies that have gone before

May now be laid to rest


I have opened my heart to you

So you may see my intentions are pure

So often misunderstood

Yet all is laid bare for you


I have walked you through my dreams

So that with sight you may see

All you see is not always all there is

Trust requir...

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Beyond eyes can see

The smile behind the eyes

The kiss behind the lips

The love behind the embrace

The joy within the heart

The beauty that lies beneath

The treasure hidden for you to find

The flower in the midst of weeds

The wheat amongst the chaffs 

The pearl inside the clam

All you have to do is look inside

To find the treasure that lies beneath

All that your physical eyes can’t se...

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Voices speak and utter apologies
Promises are made suggesting a better tomorrow
A heart is open once more to receive
Eager to give it another chance and forget the deceit

Patience is awakened from her sleep
And is asked to return to do her bid
The sun rises to a new day
The flowers bask and lay in its glorious warmth of array
Change always around the corner
Always close but seems to mis...

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Collateral Beauty

In the blackness of the night, the light shines brighter

In the direst challenges does strength reveal itself

In the hardness of pain is endurance birthed

In the variety that life brings, are tapestries created

Uniqueness is celebrated when one stands out

Mediocrity is averted when one chooses to be the difference


Impact is made when one dares to do the impossible

Beauty ...

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beauty in the midst of darkness

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