See a 'What' Skin!

That fulsome summer in the island cottage

Was full of interesting 'stuff'

For a curious eight-year-old.


I came home from school one autumn day

And dumped my books at the doorway.

'Where's Mum?'

'In the bathroom.' chorused my three younger sisters.

Well, nothing unusual about that,

And I plopped down to rest.



Her voice carried clearly out the door.

'Do you want to see a bear skin?'

'Oh, yes!'

And we surged inside.

I sort of wondered, 'Where did she get a bear skin?'

But not doubting it for a second.


She threw open the bathroom door

And waltzed out, pirouetting around the lounge,


A sight I had never seen before.

My sisters hooted, getting the joke immediately.

But I was miffed.

It WAS funny, but I just couldn't laugh yet.

My only thought: 'How could I be so STUPID!'


Mum enjoyed herself hugely.

'GOT YOU!' she whooped, meaning ME.

And she danced away to put on some clothes.

As a 'wake-up call' to the power of words

It could hardly be equalled.


My mum was a quintessential 'lady'.

But that streak of Irish ribaldry

Can never be totally quashed,

Especially with language.

I often feel the leprechauns laughing

Even in myself.

And it keeps my kids on their toes too.

'The apple doesn't fall  far from the tree!'



Cynthia Buell Thomas, April 2020

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Hannah Collins

Thu 7th May 2020 19:08

Brilliant !


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 1st May 2020 14:53

CBT - you must be marvellous company. Keep them coming. You and your siblings sound like "the darling buds of May".

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 1st May 2020 14:48

This just wanted 'out'. So I let it go. It was FUN.

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