Plight of Migrant Labor Covid19 2020

I was always a supporter for our govt. Whether it was demonetization or lockdown, we tried to find the good. But the plight of migrant labor is heart wrenching. The wailing kids, ladies trying to carry as much as possible with desire of reaching home. In anguish multiple questions arise, while such mass movement of the migrant labor happened during lockdown where was the district administration, state administration? It was lockdown- curfew and nobody literally no official took action for the mass movement of more than thousands of km  covered by foot by millions of migrant labor even after the media attention. Didn't they ever got a thought to stop them, make them feel home or arrange any temporary stay like school or anything to let them stay in the host state. I know "Kanoon Andha hota hai" but the district, state and nation's administration?Looks like they need new jumala. Can't anyone literally anyone take a visible step and set example for other. 
The number of people migrating is similar to mass exodus of 1947-Partition of India--Alas it is 2020 in calander. Their journey is like birbal ki khichdi.. never ending journey. N.G.O, Locals are trying to help but due to curfew and lockdown everyone is tied up. Many will yell who asked them to leave, but did they had any option. Hunger makes one do extreme. The options they had was to die from Corona or hunger or by the failed administration. 
I won't blame police or media because they are serving in tough time but the policy makers where are you? 
Secondly the mass migration is also risking their lives by Covid19. Military action or quick action can resolve the misery and plight of migrant labor. Yet... The nation of 28 states and 8 Union Territory, the life of poors is just a number. Numbers useful for blame game, for elections for false advertisements or credits but not the life of individual precious to their family. Yeah! the current scenario yells this loudly.

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Ankita Srivastava

Thu 21st May 2020 20:46

Thanks Po.
For stopping by, reading and liking my article.


Thu 21st May 2020 20:29

I am quite sorry I misinterpreted your verses, yes you are right Leaders everywhere are looking at the damage dealt to the masses as collateral damage, even though the first duty of the state is to its people

Thoroughly loved your article once again, hope things get better everywhere. Let us be all be united in diversity ❤

Much admiration and respect,


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Ankita Srivastava

Thu 21st May 2020 20:21


Thanks for posting. But my article is nit about religion politics but about the migrant labor who are working in far away states. Due to covid19 unemployment, panic and poverty they are traveling back to their hometown 1000s of km away.Due to lockdown all the railway station and other public transport are shutdown.

Regarding religion-Don't trust bbc world or media trying to build the gap. India is a secular democratic country with Unity in Diversity.
My article is not about religion based politics but the plight of migrant labor who are stuck in state thousands of Km away. It is about life of poverty. Locals, media are trying as much as possible but strong policy is required to help lakhs of people migrating 1000+km by THEIR Foot. Yes By Walking. It includes kids, ladies pregnant ladies.
Not every news of India is about religion ❤️


Thu 21st May 2020 20:03

The condition in India really is alarming, it is so heart and gut wrenching to see both the sister nations fight and suffer by themselves internally too over something such as religion, in this day and age where humanity is learning about the edge of the nation.

I truly hope things can turn for the better, through exchanges in art and wonderful expressions of feelings and yearning for peace in works of poetry such as this.

Aman baahar sey nhi, Andar sey aata hai.

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