At Home---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


People think they have to leave home

to find what they are missin' in their lives

but home is where the heart is and

it's also where all your stuff is

All the stuff you liked and bought

and brought home from the store or the garage sale

or ordered on that there Amazon

stuff you accumulated through the years

that brought you joy in havin'

It's all the stuff that you found and hauled back

and scattered around your house

puttin' it on knick knack stands or

hangin' it on your walls or

put in your garage thinkin'

it would come in handy someday

stuff that makes you feel better about yourself

So be happy that you have it

all that stuff is the stuff of bein' YOU

There ain't no need to go someplace else

when all you need and want is right there at Home

Nothin' wrong with stayin' home and enjoyin'

all the things you paid good money for

It took years to gather up all that stuff and

assemble it into a fine collection

you are the sum of all your parts

it's kinda like a Collage of YOU

People who have to be on the go all the time

are searching for somethin'

What they don't realize is

that they already have it...

At Home!


O.L. Buzzerd

(currently in a Home but plotting to get out.)


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Thu 28th May 2020 13:38

Very well said!!


Thu 28th May 2020 13:38

Home is everything one needs to live happily, its such a pity we know that only after we leave home

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