Lunar Eclipse

It was two souls burning on separate ends
Completely obsessed with finding each other
When they did they exploded
Not in love but anger for each other
The other was not there when they needed each other
They was broken souls not to be found
They could have made love but they started the fire
Burning each other at the opposite ends again
They were lovers but they could never be together
Afraid that love could save them
One pick to verbally abusing
The other left to be alone
Knowing it was never going to happen
Love has forsaken them
Drifting upon time finding nothing
Thousand different lives trying to make it work
One always drifts to loneliness and the other address to another lover
They will repeat the cycle until the day they die
True love is a cruel mistress


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Thu 21st May 2020 20:10

Love turns to hatred and hatred turns to love just as candle wax turning to liquid then solid.

It really is something quite extraordinary

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