Punch Drunk

Our souls, beaten black and blue,
Broken in two, by the pouring rain,
Can you explain, why we stay true,
To the broken rules, of this hurtful game?

Can you even explain, what comforts you?
Enough to get through, to the end of the day,
What stars guide your way, what light shines on you?
What keeps you true, what makes you stay?

What do the moonbeams say, that can mend your heart?
When it’s torn apart, by the sadness you’ve seen?
What does it mean, to go back to the start?
With your broken heart, and your broken dreams?

But to never scream, and never just fold,
Where you never told, sometimes just to give in?
'Cos we just can’t win, and we’re out in cold,
And our battered souls, and black and blue skin,

Are punch drunk on sin, and we’re on the ropes,
Only held up by hopes, and a stubborn frown,
You just won’t go down, won’t slip down that slope,
Lord knows how you cope, to stand your ground,

But that strength you’ve found, is a wonder to me,
And it helps me see, the truth at your heart,
And though it’s torn apart, you can’t let it be,
You still fight for me, as you did at the start,

May we never part, never have to choose,
Even if we lose, and we know we might,
Let’s stand up for what’s right, stand in each others shoes,
And cherish each bruise, and the chance to just fight.


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 12th May 2020 14:14

Thanks Jennifer, it's truly inspiring in life to see someone fight for you as hard as you've fought for them.

And thank you Moon.girl for such a beautiful, detailed, inspiring answer. I don't believe in God myself, but I do deeply believe in faith, and that's not to assume I'm right or to disregard others beliefs, it's just how I was brought up I suppose. But if the notion of God represents one thing to me, it's hope, and in a cruel world, hope is our shield.

J. x

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jennifer Malden

Tue 12th May 2020 10:25

Beautiful writing - both the idea and the language - 'What do the moonbeams say, that can mend your heart fantastic!


Tue 12th May 2020 05:00

You stay true, cos hour heart and intentions are true and that is why it so strongly stands despite all the storms.

Comfort is in the remembrance of God. For he who made you has written the destiny too. Trust is all it takes with sincere prayers.

It's the light of God alone that guides, shines and lights a person's path.

Truth is in right intentions, true love, committed heart and soul. God alone makes a person stay and never give up.

Moonbeams brings with them the pictures, memories, and sound convictions from the lovers roof into the room.

Faith in God alone can mend the hearts together with right prayers.

Theres no end. When it all started it just moved with God's plan and still following, there's pause but never an end.

You will never part,
You will win,
There is no end,
There's only moving ahead,
When time is right,
God will unite.

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