Give Me Space

Give me the spaces between the words,

Give me all the implication in intonation,

Give me your intent,

Don't circumvent for the sake of convenience,

Show no lenience, as you vent,

Give me the spaces,

Let the sweet melody of your discourse,

Gain added force in the breaks,

For both our sakes,

Give me your pent up emotion in the whispers hid within your oration,

Release your hopes, fears, your frustration,

In the deep dips that lie within the heights of exclamation,

Give me the spaces,

Let the piercing light of your insight,

Be speckled with shadows and other hues,

The deep reds, the blues,

And even when your words acquiesce let the pauses refuse,

Give me the spaces,

And even when your words say, "No,"

And that you'll have to go,

Let the undercurrent of your flow be, "Yes,"

Give me your words and give the spaces between what you say,

That I can, "Read between the lines," if I may,

And intone that really, you want to stay,

Give me space.

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Mon 25th May 2020 08:13

Yes!! This is it. All good things shall stay forever. I liked this poem.💖

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 25th May 2020 06:28

Thanks Po, and thank you Victoria, really glad you liked it.

J. x

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Mon 25th May 2020 00:19

I agree with Po. Love it. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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Sun 24th May 2020 19:02

I love this.

It truly says so much.


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