Doctor's Appointment


Make an appointment

to see the doctor

only the doctor pays no attention

to the appointment

he takes his time seeing you

because he is a Doctor

and above reproach


they call your name and escort you

to a small room

where you sit and wait

and wait and wait 

someday the doctor will come

but only when he's good and ready


it's like being in a confessional

you are in there alone

with nothing to do

but think about your past sins

you look at the calendar on the wall

examine the floor tiles

there are no windows

no TV no magazines no sound


you are alone with only yourself to talk to

the longer the time the more you feel like

a prisoner in a cell

a fly in a jar


then there is a knock on the door

the doctor will see you now

your time has come

by now you are in worse shape

than when you came in 

tense and nervous and anxious

but he is the man

he will soon pronounce his verdict 

his sentence from on high


the doctor smiles

he has seen your soul

in x-rays and EKG's

he knows all your sins

your personal history inside and out


the session ends with a guessed diagnosis

a recommendation for more tests 

the medical profession's life blood

their money-maker


then the walk down the long hall

to the receptionist

who schedules the dreaded follow up


you are better now

but will relapse when

you see the bill.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 6th May 2020 19:56

Brilliantly described.
They see it all, when seeing very little.


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