Mr Crotty

His favourite word was precipitation

Agog, we'd wait for it,

Windchill factors and average

Mean temperatures too, while once he showed us

How to make a weather station


He's dead now

That kind of geography extinct.

Its Climate Studies now, scaring kids,

Breathing in anxious jargon from

Melting ice caps and rising sea-levels.

Their future.


Slide rules rip up thermometers, old Crotty's truths

Splinter into child neurosis.

I just can't see him

Wanting to roll that old tongue around plastic seas and

Mass extinction.

As glaciers scarper

He must be revolving in his urn.

For myself,

Though pitying these kids

I'm glad I dont have any

-I just hope it all blows over




climate studiesgeographyglaciersjargonmelting ice-caps

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Sun 3rd May 2020 17:46

Wonderfully descriptive, of not just a change of approach, the globalisation of all our fears , but the decline of a scholarly unkempt type I remember from years back. Our geography teacher, who had jug ears would raise a book up and flex the spine to demonstrate synclines and anticlines in land movements. This was invariably accompanied by suppressed sniggering.

Thanks for posting. Ray

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd May 2020 14:56

Much to ponder when one has the ability to compare what one knew
before with what is peddled today. Notice how much the word "record" is used in reports these days, whereas if anyone were
able to travel back in time before "records" began, they would find
much to help us gain a far wider appreciation of what is happening
now. How about starting with when the Thames used to freeze over
so effectively that fairs were held upon its frozen surface?

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keith jeffries

Sun 3rd May 2020 13:48

This poem speaks volumes. It is sad in many ways but true of the age we live in.

Thank you for this


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Damon Blackery

Sun 3rd May 2020 12:04

Is definitely my favorite lines!! 😃

Breathing in anxious jargon from
Melting ice caps and rising sea-levels.
Their future.

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