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Big Sal on Time Will Heal (Mon, 26 Mar 2018 02:02 am)

Hannah Collins on Blanket (Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:57 pm)

You are my hearts desire

I remeber the day i saw you

I fell in love at first sight

Something that i don't believe before

You are not my ideal man

Not the man i dreamt of


You fell in love

To a friend so close to me

I decided to befriend you 

And just to torment my heart


Through the years

I tried to be beside you

I was Like your shadow

Watching over you


You told me count...

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Lost in the woods

As i walk through the path that i saw

A light had lead me to somewhere i don't know

I tried to be strong  and i kept walking

The light is slowly fading and darkness flowed

I felt loneliness. And Sorrow

The light that i followed abandonned me


I kept walking, i felt cold

I passed to a crowed 

They saw me trembling

But no one cared


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You hid my tears when it is about to fall

You warmth my cold, frozen heart

You embraced me as if you you own me

You covered my crying heart to keep it safe

I slept with you with no regret



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You say hi

I said hello

But then

I never heard you say goodbye.

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Place your bets please!

Cash chips or colored chips

Choose, play and be merry

Now, bets are placed

First game,second game

Win or loose

There's always a new game

Gamble to play 

Gamble to win

Goodluck and bad lucks 

Are not an option to choose

Let it come,let it go

Just remember, there's always a new game.

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Time Will Heal

entry picture

When he left me I was alone,

I cried but I tried to laugh, but then, I cried again.

It has been hundreds of days since I've heard the word "I love you"

You are mine, you’re my only.

I've been wanting to hear those words again.

But when I tried to remember how you say those words,

I felt pain, excruciating enough that I felt like I'm dying..


My only love has betrayed me, 


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The Journey of the Monarch Butterfly

entry picture

What amazement to my eyes, Oh wonderful butterfly!

Your beauty, revealed upon creation. Almighty God, what a revelation!

Gliding and Swaying, with the wind you are dancing.

Your beauty, I was bewitched. Oh Lord, thank you for the gift.


Lovely butterfly, you and me are alike. We were bestowed with charm

That no one can defy! Dear God, You had blessed.

Oh dear butterfly, you a...

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For my onesided love..

I want to tell him that I am sad and down, I want to tell him that I felt joy, I want to tell him that I want to be loved, I want to tell him that I’m in love, But how can I tell him, when all of these he is to blame.                                                                                                                                          It’s not so long ago when w...

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