Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me about sadness
I have felt it all along
Before my body knew how to ache
Before it bled to every wounds you made 

Don't tell me to keep promises
I've always dealt with lies, bad ones
Long before I knew love could trade me for some kind of infidelity
Before it sold the truth to buy back the dishonesty

Don't ask me to put on a smile
I've tried it my whole life
Before these tears came uninvited
Before they dug this cemetary of my unwanted past

Don't tell me about you
Because you're only the (broken) promises
with me as your temporary shelter
to hide from your never-ending tragedy

Don't ask me to repeat those I've written
Because my pen suddenly stops
before I arrive at the bottom of the page
I will just close the book
And let time create a new history
Because you and me
Definately need a new story 
which one day we'll call it

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Fri 22nd May 2020 20:40

Thanks Kimberly. I appreciate it

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Fri 22nd May 2020 01:10


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Thu 21st May 2020 22:17

Dear Po
Thank you for your kind comment. I really really appreciate it.
Many blessings to you

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Thu 21st May 2020 10:58

Written with feeling and promise... The promise of a whole new beginning.

Poetry makes a great mirror to smash the fable of 7 years of whatever it was that distorted the beauty of... YOU!

Standing naked as the day, your beauty on display
Not for any other's eyes than you.

So watch, reflect upon your worth
and walk proudly, assuredly on your course.


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