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Language of You

With pen and paper in hand

I write love letters to you in the early morning 

When I know that your mind is still wavering in dream 

When this conscious body craves the affection of yours as you turn over slowly in your sleep 

and sigh against the curve of my neck 


It is not easy to fill the time that you are absent 

Meaningless tasks seem to pass too quickly 

But from far...

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In the Mid Afternoon

despite the recovery 

there are still days when a hole has been ripped through my chest 

when I am drowning beneath this absence 

it is not safe to breathe 

but my body craves the humid air 

this body has grown weary and tired today 

has shifted between consciousness 

these are the days 

when I struggle still 

despite it all 


despite being discharged from therapy...

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Out of the Darkness / Into the Light

- Days ago, when the darkness found a way to creep back

I must admit that guilt pours through my veins on days like today 

When inside of my head, all seems hopeless 

I may no longer be clinical 

But depression doesn't care that I was healing 

It doesn't seem to matter that for a few weeks I was doing better 


Despite the distractions I threw in its path 

Through the dark ...

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reincarnation in the debris

despite all of this sadness

and fear 

that is so deeply rooted in the veins of each person I love 


it is a good moment to settle down 

take a breath 

and enjoy the silence 


in the sun we are at peace 

it is time to be grateful for all that is pure 

all that we are gifted by the hands of God 

it is time to restore some faith that we have lost 

allow this day ...

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Final Closure

You tried to re-enter my life today 


and I did not let you 


Were you blind in your faith?

That too easily I would just allow you to slip you through 

Was it not clear that you were no longer welcome here 

when your key did not fit in the door?

I have had those locks changed for weeks 


It was about time for you to go

Your presence failed to serve its purpose 


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Plans for the Future

When this is all over

We will find our way back home 


We are busy making plans for after 

Each day we wake up apart, we are one day closer to waking up together again 

The distance is difficult 

The sheer lack of control is stifling 




Days of celebration are coming 

Quiet afternoons in the sun, dozing next to you in a lounger 

Where I can finally feel ...

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There have been some before you 

Few who broke my heart 

One who betrayed me 

Another, who too easily allowed us to grow apart without any distance at all

I could stretch out my arm to grasp his hand, only to gasp at his sheer coldness 

He was truly dead inside, nothing left to offer "us"

Eventually I was forced to let him go 

And the first, did not understand the word "stop" 


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In your arms I sail away 

a tiny little boat created in the safety of a body I know so well 

floating in an endless sea where good dreams and bad nightmares may find me 

despite this safety, I am nothing but vulnerable

this lifeboat may survive it all 

if only it is strong enough to surpass it 

I ought to have known better 

should have recognised the signs 

there is an impa...

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Coping Mechanism

You gave me the strength to survive it 



Something borrowed 

until I was no longer blue 

this body is old 

but we are new 


You taught me to heal 

just not alone 

and let this peach skin 

slowly evolve 


Until I am stronger 

to bear all the pain 

I wait here patiently 

to see your face again 


Because with you it is easier 

to let it a...

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it's all okay, now

sometimes I have to sit and question 

"is it like this for everyone?"

because surely it mustn't be 

too many people setting themselves on fire only to see their love stay warm 

that is what I would do for you 


because coming home feels different now 

not four walls but a heartbeat and jawline with stubble 

two strong hands that wrap around my hips and guide me closer each...

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It seems worth it now 

all the pain and loss and grieving 

It is more manageable

to cope with what almost killed me 

So much easier to see that the harm caused was temporary 

The bruises yellowed until my soft skin became mine again 

The scars that lingered are healing after all this time 

and with each deep breath I am able to let go a little more 

to drift within the safe...

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he plays me like a violin in his strong hands

moulded around the shape of his palms 

the warmth of his fingers 

if I were chocolate 

I would melt 

dripping between the crevices in the floorboards 

of this old home 

the richness overflowing 

pouring within the walls 

until pure decadence fills this space 

this is our safe place 

where the precious notes of me hummin...

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Of Something Good

I was blessed 

by something not seen nor heard 

the day that God allowed you stroll wilfully 

into all the destruction that surrounded me 


And gracefully 

you began to repair the broken pieces 

of the mess I made 

tearing through debris to find me 


I find peace in your blue grey eyes 

when I think it is all coming to an end 

your strong hands that regard my ...

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I could lie like this forever 

in the small cocoon of your little room 

a sanctuary where I can let the stresses of the day subside 

with the touch of a hot shower to wash away the shadows that linger 

under our tired eyes 

such tired eyes that still find happiness in your face 

but here we are living 

despite it all 

we are here breathing 

letting each exhale heal some ...

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Small Beginnings

She was cold as ice 

white as snow 

something everyone else 

would easily know 


For this one soul 

her heart would break 

and from all that is bad 

something good, they would make 


He made her thaw 

and she began to melt 

with kisses so tender 

she had no doubt 


That this right now 

where she ought to be 

was the safest of all 

she need n...

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The Destination & The Journey

Some roads lead nowhere 

But without a sign to tell us otherwise, we will travel down them 

Without hesitation

Until we arrive at the cliff edge, the end of the road 

There is no road ahead that will lead me to safety 

until now 


Part of me knew that this is how it ought to be 

Not a raging thunderstorm each night 

Leaving me awake and tearful for the next clap of thun...

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The Ways

I could fall in love with this man 

and the way he brushes his teeth 

the way he combs his hair 

the way he cherishes me 


I'm going to fall in love with this man 

and the way he washes dishes 

the tension in his arms, the concentration in his brow 

turns me to putty in his hands


He leaves me speechless, this man 

even when he dreams, the soft rise and fall of h...

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The stars are my night light 

Setting themselves on fire 

to keep me warm 

while your presence is missing 


But it is comforting 

when the morning grows near 

and the stars retreat 

I know that as the sun rises you will return 


Hold me close and let us be calm 

Let the safety of this bubble envelope us 

Until our heart beats slow 

and our eyes grow weary 


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Lock and Key

Alone at the door 

you may find me

Trying to decide whether to leave it unlocked 

or wide open

or slip the lock and the latch and all that makes me safe


You see 

If I leave the door open 

Then I get to see the sun pass softly all day long 

But with it carries an awful draught 

It is chilling 

It is freezing each cell of this small body 

But it is open in the h...

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Outside of my Window

I want to venture out 

walk into the rain 

and let it cleanse all that is bad

replenish all that is good 

fill up my empty cup 

so I can continue to pour and pour and pour 

myself into those around me

I am melting in a busy stream 

falling over babbling brooks and grey pebbles

until eventually 

I become merely a drop in the ocean

a tear in the night sky

ready to...

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Each night 

I pull a rib from this body 

and set it alight to keep myself warm 

That is what happens 

When you burn everyone around you 

You become hollow 

Wide awake at 4am 


The control I crave and that which is surrendered 

To memory loss 

To nausea

To sheer exhaustion 

I cannot take it much longer 

That same fire will burn out 

That once c...

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In Dreams

Two dreams about you in the same night

I cannot escape you 

No matter how hard I try 

To run away and avoid you 

Seems impossible 

You encompassed me 

Ran wild in my red veins

I fear your anger 

I fear your absence 

But you creep into blissful dreaming

Reminding me you are gone now, too

I pushed you away

and cried when away you went 

I am too much 

and too...

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Recipe for Recovery

A spoonful of sugar may not be enough 

Pour as much of yourself into the bowl as you can 

And mix until the worry dissipates 

Somewhere within the butter and sugar 

I let the panic melt 

Until the loaf is warm in the middle 

Crisp on the outside 

While it bakes I take time to clean 

Let the soapy waters soak my arms and the smell of lemons fill the kitchen 

When the alar...

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Work in Progress

My parents watch me, with knowing eyes, from across the room 

Each time I take a bite I can feel my mother exhale in relief 

Because today is a better day 

But I cannot promise her that tomorrow will be as well 


The worry bleeds across her loving face, when I lose the day to sleep and exhaustion 

The concern lodges in my father's brow when my answer to the question, "are you ok...

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The (not so) Happy Place

They tell me, “time heals all wounds” 

But I’m not sure that’s quite true 

When the 5’11” wound that needs healing 

Is the absence of you 

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3 Lines

And I guess that's what you get 

when you say you don't want something easy 

when you say you want something epic 

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The Weakness

I had been asking 

For an answer or a sign 

But your lips had fallen silent 

After so much time 


I had been praying

There wasn’t much else to do 

Other than to sit and wait 

Patiently for you 


We each had caused the other pain 

Forgotten how to love and be kind 

We had played games back and forth 

Constantly in my mind 


We had said goodbye 


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A Little Distance (will do us some good)

I retreated back into myself 

Escaped behind the walls I put up 

Padlocks on the doors 

Stocked the armoury 

Locked the windows 

Fastened the exits with cable ties and rope 

Drew the shutters closed 

The curtains closed 

The blinds 



Do not allow the light in 

Do not allow the darkness out 

That is what I thought was best 


But I am slowly lea...

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Message In A Broken Bottle

- To those who believe in me -


With late night drives 

The open windows to calm the nausea

For dealing with the tears 

The ups and downs 

The unpredictable mood swings 

The Earth-shaking panic attacks

For the loyalty when I have none to offer 

For the arguments I struggle to avoid 

The emotions I barely reign in 

For the cups of water post sickness 

For the si...

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I am all of the cliches 

Green with envy 

The putrid taste of jealousy rising in the back of my throat 

Butterflies in my stomach that turn to knives in my heart 

or splinters 

There are not enough tweezers in the world to remove all of the pieces 


My brain understands, some of the time 

But my heart does not 

I understand there is history 

You and her

I have bee...

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