This is my Country and these are my People

This is my Country and these are my People


For years I lived and worked abroad beyond the seas

fuelled by an adventurous and curious nature for fresh pastures

These wanderings ranged from desert lanscapes

to the idyllic islands of the West Indies

Europe fell easily within my grasp of view and desire

from snowcapped mountains to verdant valleys

I integrated myself into various cultures

amd learned three languages to live a fuller life

From intense heat with stifling humidity

I wandered beneath palm covered beaches along golden sands

Seldom bored, relishing life and work together

I had flown the coop in search of distant lands


The spirit remained willing but the flesh was growing weak

time soon beckoned me homeward bound from where I had come

Reluctantly I bade farewell to the exotic world of my ambitions and dreams

saying tearful farewells to the dearest of friends

England was bathed in the fullness of summer

was I truly back amongst those who had nurtured me

Litttle seemed to have changed in the rural areas of my birth

the pubs still sold pickled eggs and good ale

Church bells rang on Sunday mornings albeit for a few

village greens the venue of local cricket matches

Twin sets and pearls, school uniforms and postmen

welcomed me back to the old and familiar


The names of plants, flowers and trees I had forgotten

a bus pass for the elderly awaited me in the town hall

I bought a lawn mower, a hoe and a spade

I thought them to be essential as I gazed upon a large garden

Neighbours introduced themselves with innate politeness

both young and old all seemed to have bicycles

I wandered into town and along country lanes

as memories of my youth returned as if from some old album

I was well and truly home with kith and kin

moles had built their silent mounds in a nearby farmer's field

The desert soon receded, the palm trees faded in a spontaneous breeze

and I beheld the land of my birth and I was not disappointed

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Hannah Collins

Tue 26th May 2020 18:39

Your poetry is always full of descriptive beauty and this one is amazing.


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keith jeffries

Sat 23rd May 2020 19:39

Jennifer, Greg and Binte,

Thank you for your kind comments as they are much appreciated.


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jennifer Malden

Sat 23rd May 2020 16:36

Glad to find you weren't disappointed, Keith! You say you came back in the 'fullness of summer', hope you managed to cope with the long winters OK! You seem to have really enjoyed your 'exiled' years, and adapted to other people and cultures, as you say. This is very enriching, and makes one appreciate one's own country and people, but also view life there more objectively. Great writing.


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Greg Freeman

Sat 23rd May 2020 06:14

I hope you're fully recovered now, Keith. It will be interesting to read your take on the 'old country' now you're back.

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keith jeffries

Fri 22nd May 2020 22:48

Hello Greg,

I am well and truly back with fountain pen and hammered vellum to hand. Recent open heart surgery kept me from writing but did little to dim my imagination as I hope future poems will bear witness to.


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Greg Freeman

Fri 22nd May 2020 17:43

Welcome back, Keith? Have you indeed returned?

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