River by Night

The night has come and bright stars fill the sky  

Arranged in lines and shapes from side to side  

And gently light the things and men along  

Creating moving shadows on the streets.  


The quiet river flows under the bridge  

And smell of fish is coming with the wind  

While burbling water hits below the shore  

Where boats are waiting for a new day’s dawn.  


The pier is spanning all the river’s width  

With lights on top of every single pile  

That mirror on the sparkling water flow  

And look like flames where least you would expect.  


Two persons come from pier towards the shore,  

A man and wife are walking down the street,  

The long and busy day of work has passed  

And just enjoy the night beneath the stars.  


◄ Landscape

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Paul Sayer

Mon 25th May 2020 21:20

Well captured.

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