The evolving and metamorphosing of life

The birthing of ideas and innovations

The inspirations and visons that enlighten the simple

The voices that wakeup nations


Many run from this, hoping to stay in their old ways

Thinking if they run fast enough, change won’t come to stay

In vain they hold on to that which is obsolete

Hoping, yes wishing, they would just remain the same


Others embrace change

Recognising the opportunities before them

Knowing change can bring victories and chart new adventures

With their eyes closed, they see beyond the physical


Change can be beautiful

Change can be invigorating

Change can mean progress

Change can mean renewal

See the potential within it and maximise your return.

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Mon 1st Jun 2020 05:41

Very true, thank you 😊


Sun 31st May 2020 16:49

This is something I have been talking about for years Mocosy, Change is the only thing eternal in this life, best we can do is change with it,

You truly struck a chord there mate,


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