Blackpills from Babylon

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iron in the wind, blood above the sun

a cube in 9 forms foments
old world chaos 
with a new world Ninkilim
and thunder is no longer fractal but a
direct reflection of divinity 
in the dirt as shown by Jove’s
quietly diminishing Eye

Jesus as Serpent and the 666
misread technology of the Spirit, 
the Holy Ghost like weaponized Compassion
coming at you at 3 in the morning 
with blood in its eyes and the grim insights 
you asked for trailing 
in its soundless screeching wake

the trinity a triad of trials
the broken abandon and the hopeless hollow 
and ALL die wanting thereby 
shedding the mandate of Heaven for a moments kiss

◄ The Nephilim of Croghan Hill

Black Umbrella ►



Fri 22nd May 2020 14:39

Shedding the mandate of heaven for a moment's kiss, its a very powerful verse just like the rest of the poem, every verse brimming and radiating with raw energy.

Quite liked this one,


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