Writer’s Block Strikes Again

Gather jumbled up thoughts
jot down some words
numerous adjectives,
superlatives, and delicious nouns


Describe the scene
that can explain
it is certainly this
but it could be better


Conjure up a lost love
hint at a depth of longing,
fulfillment, and regret
but give yourself some credit


Leave readers with faith,
love eventually wins
love yourself enough to see
your words are what keeps them waiting

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Wed 27th May 2020 00:26

Updated poem.

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Don Matthews

Sat 23rd May 2020 12:14

Gee Kim you got some trouble
With old writer's block
Old pen you holding in your hand
Sounds like it's shut it's lock

Maybe key dropped on floor?


<Deleted User> (24283)

Sat 23rd May 2020 06:49

If I were to follow you
Jotting words how they do
Churning and turning my insides
And projecting them outside
I would choose the following words
Expressing feelings how they work
The list isn't too long to go
Here I start the letters to gently flow
First being LOVE which for sure invades me
Making me what i am meant to be
Second word is committment, true and worthy
For the one I love immensely
Third being, hope, faith, belief in the lord almighty
Fourth being happiness and contentment
Which for sure follows all the above words
Now I shall cascade the words in a waterfall
Dropping them like nectar in honey pool
Family, friends, party,
Worship, tranquility, peace
Neighbours, caring, loving
Trust, honesty, loyalty
Goodness, creativity, enthusiasm
Brightness, sunshine, glowing fountain
And the list shall go on endlessly
But to conclude I would write just these words undoubtedly
Last but not the least are, divinity, eternity and heavenly.

Hope you appreciate my initiative
And leave your message if you liked it
As for me, I enjoyed this poetic jotty?

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