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Tail Tellers

Tail Tellers are a force to be counted . They Cause more Heartache than sense . They love to Belittle you . Cause Heartache and Grief . Will always find a Purpose to Find Fault and Decieve . Will always think others  should follow their Rules. By Telling Untruths and Desrupting our News .

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Having a Moan

Why are they always pulling Britain Down . Why are we tolerating the EU. We import more than we Xport . If they put Fourty % Tariffs on us . We put Fourty % tariffs on them . Loads of Money . Import A Bllion more than we Export. We would make  Four Hundred Million Pounds More . So where is the Problem . The problem is their is too many fingers in the Pie . And Too Many Gravey Train Remoaners.

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I Want To Live

Why are all the Selifish . Causing Disruption . Why so selfish It Hurts .

We only have one life and it Matters to Me. So why try and take it so we can't be free. No one knows how to kill or Cure these Horrors we are facing . No one can say When it will End . We know the know All's think they know Everything . They cause more bother than sense. We have to live with the Consiqensas No matter what...

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Black Lives Do Matter But So Do All

You can't have Choices on what we all Agree. You can't Dictate What Colour you should be. In life you take your Chances . Will you be Well .Will you be Fat or Will you be Thin . Who can Tell . Why PutThe Blame on others Just to make you FEEL BETTER .

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Common Sense Needed

Why do they need to be told .Why do some people have to be Told . Are they happy to live a lie . Why have to be told and wonder Why . If you think you can Catch  a Disease . Why wonder if or not do we do things to stop it Or have we forgot . Use your Common  Sense . Ware a Mask

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A Parent

Parents watch and Pray has they Grow Older . Their Children never suffer . There will always be a shoulder . To be able to to  put your Arms  around them . To always be there . To love them . To hold them . To care when they are hurting . To help when they are sad , To even be the Strongest of all . To keep them safe when they may Fall . We try to keep our strength when things are making us sad . ...

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Thoughts just keep on coming . No matter what time of the day . Every minute a thought . Every second I pray . I write my words down . Either a smile or a frown . My thoughts forever thinking . My mind forever flowing . Sometimes to be found Interesting . And Sometimes Useful when Writing my Thoughts Down .

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Every Morning

Every morning when the birds are singing . They answer my calls and sing me a Song . You feel all is well . What ever they are saying . What ever they feel you can tell . They bring joy . And happines for all . When whistling there tunes . From near or far . What a reaction . O what a Joy .

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Everything I ever wanted . I could never have . My mind was changed excuses made . My life put on hold . No comfort was gained . A lifetime of waiting forever Blamed . Could it be me . Or should I have changed to please all people . Or just played along . By thinking all are right . And I am wrong . By choosing this life and keeping strong . Everything I ever wanted . My memories lasting forever ....

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Never in a Month of Sunday’s

 I never thought I'd see the day  . When other People from all over the World . Would betray Britain  . The feeling hurts deep in my Sole . Britain has welcomed all . Taken care of all . Then blamed for the cruelty placed on those from other Countries . We don't allow weapons . We won't allow many things . But what we have allowed is the misuse of our caring . Our care comes without issues . Our U...

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Party political

They can't help themselves here we go again . Had enough of politics and unions we don't care about and definitely don't Trust politics . Our lives are hard enough without labour using our children to score points .

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I'm not thinking they are black or white . If they are dealing drugs . Or abusing our children I don't care what colour they are . If they are doing  Somthing wrong . They should be punished for the crimes they Commit . I do not have Insomnia . When I write my words it's because I'm awoken by people dealing drugs outside my home in cars . Our children being forsaken . Young girls being Raped and n...

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All Lives Matter

All lives Matter . How cruel are you . Protesters who Eles will you blame . Blame on Blame . Blame someone else for spreading the virus . How cruel are you . How many more are going to loose their lives because of protesters . How many more people have to Suffer because of Attitudes . We all have to live and breath . Be Thankful for our lives . And not be Cruel to one another .

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Before four in the morning . A chorus of birds . Singing all is ok and we're happy . We are Fighting we're alive . We're bringing you joy . We're bringing you hope . We're calling all others to feel like we do . Happy to be alive . Happy to be happy . Happy to do what others can do . Sing out loud and be Happy .

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Keep Loving

I want to put my arms around them . I need to do it my Arms I can trust . My Arms were ment for loving . To take away all the pain . To Help when they are lonely . To Reach out hoping to stop the pain . To be there when loving is all you can give . To be there when needed . To hug alway all the hurt and the pain . Giving all you can give . Don't let this journey end in hate . Our Arms must Reach o...

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A New Day Is Dawning

The Birds are alive Conversing with one another . Their faint little tweets like music its self . When this sound is Recognised . It's a sound of life . A new beginning . With lives lost a new life . A future and hope . For all to forgive . A New life is born . We try to forgive . We have to forgive . Without life . We have no beginning . Within Life we Will Forgive .

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Our Thoughts Are With You

Our thoughts are with you . Our prayers are there . For all to use . For all to share . To help us through . These Cruel Times . To keep all safe and keep us Alive . The Worst thing is not knowing . From we're this Viras Came . Destroy it Radicate it forever . And then find who or what's to Blame .

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Power Talks

Power Talkes . Greed Takes over . Then out comes the Scum . Mysterious In Actions . Diverse in communications . Can pull the wool over Most eyes . Without batting an Eye . 

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Sole Destroying

Why are Heathcare Workers Suffering . Why should they have to Beg For Coverups . To Keep safe . Manufacturers can make millions of things in seconds . Manufacturers should hold their hands up and pray . Why should we have fath in them . When all they do is hold people to Ransom for money selling their wares Abroad.

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I Want

I want . I Need . To keep my arms around them . Take away all the pain and hurt . To love and make them Better . To hug them . Hold them keep them safe . To be there when they are hurting . Be there when they are sad . To put my harms around them . Hug away all that's bad .  Our Chidren need us more than ever . Please God that we can stay . To help them has they help you . Bring Back Those Sunny D...

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Keep loving

Wagging Tongs

Im alright Jacks . The a drain on man kind . As long has they are ok . There Selfishness you find . There Nastiness holds no boundaries . There deceiving so profound . Either you play your cards there way . Or nasty ness towards you . You find . Grudges held against you . People telling tails you do find . Do has they want or there are Consequences . Their Nastyness with tongs  so profound . They ...

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An Active Mind

It's good when your mind is Active . It gets you through life . Letting you create and survive . Survive most problems . And helps you see through . Feelings or worry's you have . Just helps you get through .The lonely days .The long days . The Remembering . The lonely and also the happy days . Memories for you to Remember  .

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My Friends

My friends are singing a most beautiful tune . I can hear them in the distance . When sitting in my room . Before its light a faint little tune . You know all is ok when  hearing their tunes . I awake every morning before five and know when all is ok I can just carry on .  This special day comes once a year when our clock goes forward .  I Enjoy the moment thanking for what I have . The songs from...

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The Faithful Blackbird

He can whistle you a beautiful song . And never fail to help you want to sing along . The first sound of the Morning . It's a welcoming sound . His songs so rewarding . His songs so profound . If you whistle back to him  . He never fails to answer back . It's like finding a new friend . You just want to answer back . It's the greatest gift you could ever want to hear . A Blackbird singing . A Bird...

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Embarrassment is the ugliest word there is . To feel it you don't like it . To be it is the worst feeling you can get . It makes you feel you have done something wrong . Are you doing the right thing or is there something wrong . These feelings can cause illnesses , depression , loneliness and hate . You worry are you doing the right thing . Is there something wrong . Or is it you . Don't let it M...

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My Inspiration

I awake in the morning . And know I can share . The lights of my life . Knowing you will always be there . To share my feelings . To help when I'm sad . To always bring happiness . Sharing the love that I have .

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Keep Smiling

We Will Survive

Tried to turn my hand to all . I've been a Spinner , A twister , A Bar maid and a Machinist . A Chocolate Technician and a Nitter . Never asked for hand outs . Never thought it was my right . I've been a carer for my mum with dementia . A Foster mum . A child minder to many . A mum to Four . Gran to many and great gran to a few . Been through Cancer traveled and seen things I thought i never would...

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I would like say thank you

Seventy Five And Reminiscing

We are Reminiscing of a selfless life . Of always working hard . Trying to survive . Trying to be Healthy . Also helping when we can . We battle through . And stick to the plan . A plan that must be used . A plan to help us survive . If we don't follow the guidelines . Older people may never survive . So it's up to me and you .

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All Women

I'm hurting . I'm greaving . For all Women who are betrayed . All children who are abused . All people who are afraid . Afraid to speak there minds . To seek and then not find . No help from one another when problems get you down . Afraid to ask for help . In case you are doing wrong . Wrong for being right . Wrong for seeking your rights . Our thoughts not always believed . Our lives just taken a...

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We Will Survive

An Ideology against Women and Girls brought into this Country . We have got to Survive . We must keep strong and not let them win . Fight for one another. And not be accused of their failures in life . Their Lust and their selfishness . Don't let them win . Our values are worthy . Our dreams not for them . To use us degrade us . We won't let them Win .

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Some Thing To Do

Every one needs something to do . If it's only tying a shoe lace or putting on a shoe . Exercise keeps you going . Keeps you healthy . Keeps you sane . Your brain needs stimulation . So you don't just go insane . Think of things to do . Write things down and forever have your say . Fresh Air will keep you healthy . Just a few minutes of the day . Sit at the side of an open Window . To feel the Fre...

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Watch Your Step

Cruel people they know what they are at . Dangerous worrying saying they just want a chatt . Be careful who you talk to . Be careful who you trust . They pretend to be caring saying they want to be your Friend . Don't ever show your trust . Be weary always Think . A blink of an eye .  Always stop to think . Just don't go there  . Be brave , Be bold , Be Boisterous . Make a Noise . Tell them No the...

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It’s happening more and more


Believe in what your writing  . Have Faith in all you do . A Chance to make a Difference . When REALITY is put to you .

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How Cruel Are You

Children sent into the unknown . Miles from where they were born . Miles away from home . Movement of Children in care . Cruelty at the Core . Sent away from their Birthplace . To destinations unknown . To be shunned treated with contempt . Used Abused and in the unknown . No one to love them . No one to care and Share . Without the love all children need to make them feel secure . To have a stabl...

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A Monopoly Of Victims

It's easy it's covenant . Easy to blend in . Victims are moved . And planted within . From near or far it's where they begin . We should start at the beginning . And not at the end . Listen to the vulnerable and don't pass them bye . Look into what they are saying  . Don't just Deny . Who has the Monopoly and reasons why . How many are forgot and we don't even try . The Help you give others should...

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Is It Too Late

Big hard man with a knife . What right have you to take a Life . A Grieving family a widowed wife . If you use a knife you should GET LIFE !!! . No more Discipline + Respect . What do these Politicians Expect . Educate our Kids befor it's too Late . Before more are  Behind the Cemetery Gate !!! .

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Written By My Son Andrew Coldwell .


Condemned for doing right . They look for excuses to abuse family's struggleing . Who work hard and want more . Excuses given your Racist and should struggle . Make do and mend  . Giving in to others . A Christian Country down on its knees . Because of the greedy doing just what they please . Forgot by the Rich . Neglected by those in charge . Ridiculed by the world . An all for nothing country to...

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Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Why should others be allowed to change laws to suit themselves . Why should others living comfortably destroy people's way of life .Why should they answer for others . When we don' agree with them . Why destroy children's  lives just to please a lust . Who is it decides what is right and wrong . And why should any one person be allowed to ruin another's life without being accountable for their Act...

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Overgate Hospice

Lots of special people . Giving love and Special Care . Make you feel your not alone . And their time and love they share . Will always show your Special . A very special place . Forever there both day and night . For all to love and Share . Overgate  Hospice Brighouse

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