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M.C. Newberry on Seventy Five And Reminiscing (10 days ago)

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The Faithful Blackbird

He can whistle you a beautiful song . And never fail to help you want to sing along . The first sound of the Morning . It's a welcoming sound . His songs so rewarding . His songs so profound . If you whistle back to him  . He never fails to answer back . It's like finding a new friend . You just want to answer back . It's the greatest gift you could ever want to hear . A Blackbird singing . A Bird...

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Embarrassment is the ugliest word there is . To feel it you don't like it . To be it is the worst feeling you can get . It makes you feel you have done something wrong . Are you doing the right thing or is there something wrong . These feelings can cause illnesses , depression , loneliness and hate . You worry are you doing the right thing . Is there something wrong . Or is it you . Don't let it M...

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My Inspiration

I awake in the morning . And know I can share . The lights of my life . Knowing you will always be there . To share my feelings . To help when I'm sad . To always bring happiness . Sharing the love that I have .

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Keep Smiling

We Will Survive

Tried to turn my hand to all . I've been a Spinner , A twister , A Bar maid and a Machinist . A Chocolate Technician and a Nitter . Never asked for hand outs . Never thought it was my right . I've been a carer for my mum with dementia . A Foster mum . A child minder to many . A mum to Four . Gran to many and great gran to a few . Been through Cancer traveled and seen things I thought i never would...

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I would like say thank you

Seventy Five And Reminiscing

We are Reminiscing of a selfless life . Of always working hard . Trying to survive . Trying to be Healthy . Also helping when we can . We battle through . And stick to the plan . A plan that must be used . A plan to help us survive . If we don't follow the guidelines . Older people may never survive . So it's up to me and you .

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All Women

I'm hurting . I'm greaving . For all Women who are betrayed . All children who are abused . All people who are afraid . Afraid to speak there minds . To seek and then not find . No help from one another when problems get you down . Afraid to ask for help . In case you are doing wrong . Wrong for being right . Wrong for seeking your rights . Our thoughts not always believed . Our lives just taken a...

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We Will Survive

An Ideology against Women and Girls brought into this Country . We have got to Survive . We must keep strong and not let them win . Fight for one another. And not be accused of their failures in life . Their Lust and their selfishness . Don't let them win . Our values are worthy . Our dreams not for them . To use us degrade us . We won't let them Win .

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Some Thing To Do

Every one needs something to do . If it's only tying a shoe lace or putting on a shoe . Exercise keeps you going . Keeps you healthy . Keeps you sane . Your brain needs stimulation . So you don't just go insane . Think of things to do . Write things down and forever have your say . Fresh Air will keep you healthy . Just a few minutes of the day . Sit at the side of an open Window . To feel the Fre...

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Watch Your Step

Cruel people they know what they are at . Dangerous worrying saying they just want a chatt . Be careful who you talk to . Be careful who you trust . They pretend to be caring saying they want to be your Friend . Don't ever show your trust . Be weary always Think . A blink of an eye .  Always stop to think . Just don't go there  . Be brave , Be bold , Be Boisterous . Make a Noise . Tell them No the...

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It’s happening more and more


Believe in what your writing  . Have Faith in all you do . A Chance to make a Difference . When REALITY is put to you .

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How Cruel Are You

Children sent into the unknown . Miles from where they were born . Miles away from home . Movement of Children in care . Cruelty at the Core . Sent away from their Birthplace . To destinations unknown . To be shunned treated with contempt . Used Abused and in the unknown . No one to love them . No one to care and Share . Without the love all children need to make them feel secure . To have a stabl...

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A Monopoly Of Victims

It's easy it's covenant . Easy to blend in . Victims are moved . And planted within . From near or far it's where they begin . We should start at the beginning . And not at the end . Listen to the vulnerable and don't pass them bye . Look into what they are saying  . Don't just Deny . Who has the Monopoly and reasons why . How many are forgot and we don't even try . The Help you give others should...

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Is It Too Late

Big hard man with a knife . What right have you to take a Life . A Grieving family a widowed wife . If you use a knife you should GET LIFE !!! . No more Discipline + Respect . What do these Politicians Expect . Educate our Kids befor it's too Late . Before more are  Behind the Cemetery Gate !!! .

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Written By My Son Andrew Coldwell .


Condemned for doing right . They look for excuses to abuse family's struggleing . Who work hard and want more . Excuses given your Racist and should struggle . Make do and mend  . Giving in to others . A Christian Country down on its knees . Because of the greedy doing just what they please . Forgot by the Rich . Neglected by those in charge . Ridiculed by the world . An all for nothing country to...

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Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Why should others be allowed to change laws to suit themselves . Why should others living comfortably destroy people's way of life .Why should they answer for others . When we don' agree with them . Why destroy children's  lives just to please a lust . Who is it decides what is right and wrong . And why should any one person be allowed to ruin another's life without being accountable for their Act...

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Overgate Hospice

Lots of special people . Giving love and Special Care . Make you feel your not alone . And their time and love they share . Will always show your Special . A very special place . Forever there both day and night . For all to love and Share . Overgate  Hospice Brighouse

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