The Teacher

We all had teachers we


In my day hair and ears got tugged

Chalk thrown with intent but

Teachers are not meant to be


There's a new teacher in class

He doesn't shout

Or impose detentions or

Send you to the headmaster, he's

Even scarier than old Mr Walsh (and

He was a terror),


Knocking sense into us

Day by day with

Facts and figures you can't deny

LIke any self-respecting teacher should.

You might hate him

You will hate him but

Keep your head down, for, remember,

He needs no cane





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Sun 17th May 2020 17:21

This poem reminds me of all my terrorist teachers in school. I remember two teachers that lined the class up for lashings over the tiniest infractions. I suppose the lesson was blind obedience, don't challenge authority, but it created a rebel spirit in most of us!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 17th May 2020 15:27

How true about the strengths and weaknesses of certain teachers.
Some could instill quiet just by entering the room, whilst others seemed to spread some unspoken message of vulnerability that
moral-free young minds seized on. I recall the chalk-throwing, and
the flailing arms that would descend without warning upon our heads.
Mind you, we were hardly angels and I recall one teacher being
thought of as a "German spy" (not that long after the war). St.Trinians had nothing on our boys-only seat of learning! The names of teachers remain with me still - for good or ill - from my own
"best days of your life". 🎓😏

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