Thank You For Your Order


Thank you for your order.   I know it was traumatic for you having to call in

and listen to the recording and the 14 prompts.  We just hope the ordeal

did not weaken your immune system to the point that you are now susceptible to the Virus.

Isn't it it ironic that you called for our computer Virus Protection,

and now you may have the actual Virus yourself!

So maybe by early next week you will at last have the protection you desired,

and get relief from the many times you have been hacked or infected.

In the meantime do not use your computer and take your temperature 3 times a day.

We hope it's not too late.


If it is, and you pass away in the meantime,

we will credit your account with a 10% Discount.



Ohmee Ohmei

Customer Service



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Thu 14th May 2020 18:25


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Thu 14th May 2020 18:25

'They' are taking over d. you know that don't you!

They send it out on the cyber highway and after it has done its job and infected us all... they (You know THE THEY) offer us the protection and means to remove and or eradicate the virus.

See how good to us are.


Thu 14th May 2020 17:40

Such a sorry call.....sad but well written

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