The 6 Foot Rule



We must social distance

they tell us

keep 6 feet away from those

you come in contact with


my wife says even that is too close

she would prefer I stay further away


in order to protect her from the dreaded Virus

and also to save her the stress

I bring into her life


she has a sign in the kitchen


"A half-mile minimum!"


I very seldom see the woman anymore.

we have our phones

we text


haven't you seen this before?

married couples texting each other.


they are following

the social distancing rules of course

and are so much

happier for it


distance makes the heart grow fonder

a rule that has saved many a marriage!



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Sun 24th May 2020 17:15

AND d. you have more time to dodge that frying pan as it whizzes towards you.

Even when I'm six feet under (Obeying the 6ft rule) I will still be closer to her than when she is holding my hand.


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