Evening Class

Eight Monday evenings for two hours

"Psychology for Beginners":

Ego, super-ego, id

Neurosis by osmosis, Freud, Jung Adler,

Cognitive therapy, Gestalt, Twin studies,

Attachment Theory


I never knew how unhappy I was

I'm half-way through now, a mass of

Symptoms, fresh phobias

Nesting in my head, making sense of what caused

Those empty evenings to start with.


Riddled with conflicts, I wont be up to

Counselling my peers, far from it.

I'm seeking suitable therapy at the moment but

Cant decide between behavioural

Neo-Freudian or Transactional Analysis



evening classpsychologyneurosisFreudtherapysymptoms

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 2nd May 2020 15:55

Oh, I have enjoyed this. I sure hope you did intend to be 'funny'.

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