Face to face with gentle giants

Today's walk

took me

to the land

where giants 

in fairy tale

come to life


there were three

magnificent horses

in a field

abundant with

golden buttercups

jealously guarding

the green grass


a shire horse

and two gypsy cobs

existed in harmony

in a secure field

perched high above

Barrowford Park


the enormous

ebonied shire

had a broad forehead

with a startling white blaze

and large eyes

had thick

black mane

and tail

had a muscular body

and white feathering on legs


the equally massive

gypsy cobs

had white patches

on bay

and thick

black flowing manes

and tails

had feathered heels

and wore white socks

they had striking

blue eyes surrounded

by white skin


the three

majestic horses

were grazing together

in harmony

I plucked handfuls

of grass

and held my

hand to them

they trotted

towards me

and one at a time

each with the

gentlest kiss took

the manna

from my fingers


endowed with

enormous power

and blessed with

placid nature

the three

gentle giants

had no desire

to intimidate


spiritually enlightened

I was guided back home

by the circling birds

eulogizing about nature


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Hannah Collins

Sun 17th May 2020 20:20

Beautiful poem.
Really enjoyed.


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