The trees in lockdown

Blowing itself along with the breeze
Hung outside your window
You can see its apples blush like diamonds
In the early morning sunset in lockdown,

Stashing its secrets in shadows
Under rust like leaves 
Laced with rattling gates left unattended
Across deserted streets

Dangling there as an archway 
into wonderment 
Mummified in its swaying 
Feeling like our lives just out of reach.

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Andy N

Wed 20th May 2020 18:25

Thanks for that, Mortimer. You have the piece done to a tee. That is what I feel like we are going through here as people.

Hi Martin - I wrote this last night. I did write another one called the flowers I think which I think you are thinking about but glad you like this. I am likely going to read this out at the next Stockport meeting.

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Martin Elder

Wed 20th May 2020 17:49

Is this one you have read out recently. It definitely has a familiar feeling for me. either way its a classic Andy N. Beautiful mate.
love it


Wed 20th May 2020 17:04

Its a wonderful poem Andy, that feeling of being so close yet so far is one that is felt often during this lockdown


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Andy N

Wed 20th May 2020 08:27

Thanks Po. Yeah, it is rather atmospheric. This is one of these kind of poems which went in a different direction than what i originally thought it would be, you could say it went under a different arch (:
but I'm pleased with it too.

Thanks also to Shifa and Michael - your likes I am really grateful for too.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 20th May 2020 07:41

Oh! To pass through that arch, Andy.

Extremely atmospheric

Thank you

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Andy N

Tue 19th May 2020 22:04

Thanks Hannah. Delighted you liked it. We are living in strange times and it is bringing out strange nature poems out in me.

Also thanks Emer. I thought you may like this one but thanks also for the like. Means a lot

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Hannah Collins

Tue 19th May 2020 21:25

Enjoyed this very much.


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