Frozen things burst
if they are reheated
to quickly
that is true
for metal
and glass
as well as for hearts

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Just once I want
to wait at a bus stop
I don´t know
for a bus that will take me
to places I don´t know
where I will do things
I don´t know
in front of faces
I don´t know
for reasons
I don´t know



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It´s not the night
that´s the enemy
not the darkness
not the blackness
not the silence
they don´t harm
they don´t judge

The night just levels
just hides
just calms
just accepts
it´s the day that expects
it´s the day that compares
that blinds
that screams
that yells
that argues
that divides

In the night all is still
all is black
and all is well



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First love

The mornings we spent laughing
with eggs and bacon
and cups of sweet tea
because we didn’t really
like coffee yet
and with flour on our faces
because we were making pancakes
and you decided to start a fight

These are some
of the warmest places
in my heart

It´s so sad
I can´t remember
what kind of tea you liked

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the good kind of sinking

It´s crazy
that I needed
a crisis
to remember
that I don´t want
to hate you
that I don´t have
to hate you
that it is
in my power
to leave the pain
of the past
back in these
fading memories
where it belongs
instead of
digging it out
and holding it
in front of my face
where it´s blurring my vision
every time
I see you

I don´t have to
fight you
because of it
I don´t have to

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Every little thing
that could make you smile
should make you smile

doesn´t arrive in one piece
it is built slowly
and carefully
out of tiny bricks
stacked up
until they finally
form a house
a home
for your heart
to live in

Every little smile
ads a brick

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If I only look
into the sky
instead of
into your face
while we speak
you will only hear
what I say
and won´t see
what I don´t



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it´s harder to write
about happiness
than about pain
because happiness
is something
you´re trying to hold inside
while pain
is something
you´re trying to rip out

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why we drink

it´s the feeling
of liquid fire
running down your throat
spreading heat
all the way to your core

with every sip
a bit of warmth
a bit of life
and some of the cold leaves

with every sip
your breath slows
and your heart rate
goes back to normal

with every sip
the silence
becomes a little less quiet
and your room
a little less empty

with every sip
you fill yourself

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Out of reach

I wouldn´t even know
if you lay sick
on a hospital bed

I wouldn´t even know
if you went all in black
to a loved one´s funeral

I wouldn´t even know
if you sat in that bathtub again
with a razor blade
at your wrist

I wouldn´t even know
I couldn´t help you



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I believe firmly
that all shards
no matter
how small and fragile
no matter
how fractured and forgotten
no matter
how long ago
they broke
can be mended
can be reassembled
into the vase they once formed
and that this vase
can be as strong
and as beautiful
as it once was

I firmly believe
that nothing
is beyond repair
can´t be mended
it just takes
more and more work

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The lights we spill
as we walk by
keep the darkness at bay
in the people we pass



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The joy you brought me
in tough times
was the straw
I breathed through

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A commitment
a simple word
that hushes
through the air
between us
means everything and nothing
at the same time

The words we speak
are invisible
they just float
and disappear
into the night
unless they find
an open soul
that catches them
warms them
and keeps them alive

Who knew
words have hearts too

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Not in reality
do I walk through this forrest
not in reality
do I hear these birds
or drink this cold water
of the morning leaves

I look up
and see the green sunlight
breaking through the concrete
finding me
in my little box

I wait here
until it takes me home

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old friend

Give me some time
to remember
who I was
when we met
you might not like
who I am now


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We are walking
barefoot on the grass
holding our lights
in front of our faces

A silent march of stars
searching for a home
on a dark night´s path

We do not know
where we go
we do not know
why we walk

We just look around
and only see movement
so we decide
to run ourselves

Take a break
little star
get some breath
gain some strength

Let your light shine
right here

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Hold up your torch
and shine a light
into another person
instead of only
into yourself

Always remember
there is enough darkness
in all of us




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Helping each other


I don’t need you
to make me laugh
I know funny people

I don’t need you
to hear me talk
I have listeners

I don’t need you
for an argument
I´m surrounded by brilliant people

I need you
because me fingers
won´t stop trembling
and I keep panting

I need you
because my mind is
and won´t hold still

I need you
because my vision
keeps blurring
and I can´t see

I d...

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An empty bookshop
breaks my heart

It´s a piece of candy
in a wrinkled hand
with no grandkids in sight

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The pain
you feel in the days
before you leave
before you put
the life you have 
at risk

It´s this pain
that tells you
that this life
the life you had
was worth something

A home
a real home
should never be
an easy thing to leave

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Feelings are raindrops
we can see them coming
but we can´t do much about it

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Trust me
you`ll be fine
you’ve been through worse than this
mastered harder challenges
overcome greater obstacles
beaten bigger enemies
and never once
have you truly given up
never once
did you truly fail to find your way
and do you know why?
Cause that little fire
burning in your chest
refuses to go out
and keeps fighting
and keeps going
and keeps you running
and keeps you winnin...

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There is no more room
for any more 
in my home
or my heart

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and only you
decide if something is real
or not
cause every mind is a universe
and reality only a beggar

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Find a person
that doesn’t make you
burn yourself for them
but soothes you
like cold water
on a fresh burn

Bring me peace
there is enough war
inside me

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Fall in here
into this room
into this life
into this home
like a golden leaf
floating through the window
on a warm summer breeze

A gentle push
that changes your way
and brings you
to me

I´m waiting for you

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I made that up
and that
and that
and also that
and that as well

I say to people
I don’t care what you think
but then
why do I lie so much

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real total silence
wouldn’t be so bad
what´s cruel is that you never get
total silence
you just get
enough noise
to remind you
how beautiful music is
but you never
get to listen
to a full song

Not enough
but just enough

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Are you
a myth?

Some fairy tale figure
made in my heart

Or do you breathe
do you have lungs
that suck in the air
and a heart pumping blood
through your veins

If I catch you
in the end
will I feel
soft warm skin
in my hands

Or a cloud of smoke
through my fingers

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Why can´t you just be
but not like you
for once

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Just lay your hand
in mine
when I´m shaking
because the frost
is running through my veins

Just lay your hand
in mine
when my eyes flicker
and all I can see
is darkness

Just lay your hand
in mine
you don’t have to do
you don’t have to say

Just lay your hand in mine
I just need to know
I´m not alone
out here
in the cold

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Go away

Forget me please
I scream at you
as you knock on my door
with tears in your eyes
in that black dress
once again

I hit you
with all my force
push you away
and slam that door
into you face

I hear you cry
in the rain
and I know
you´ll be back

I can´t kill
a memory

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