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I’m really enjoying this lockdown,

Though some of you might be appalled;

My life carries on unabated -

The difference is slight, if at all.


The pension rolls in as per schedule,

Curfew or none, come what may;

It’s just like a permanent furlough

Without a reduction of pay.


There’s little I miss about lock-down

There’s nowhere that I’d want to go

I’d rather be watching my pond fish

Enjoying my waterfall flow.


We can keep in touch with the family

And friends also; but best of all

With Facetime and Zoom for grey surfers

There’s no need for the buggers to call.


I’ll play in the garden on fine days

And lie on the sunbed when hot

I’ll work in my shed if it’s raining

Or stroll for an hour if it’s not.


The garden has never looked better

The lawns always trimmed neat and green

The pot plants so strong and well watered

My taters the best that I’ve seen.


And mental health isn’t a problem

There’s nothing else I’d want to do

I’m perfectly happy to pass the time

With an hourly biscuit and brew.


Yes, lock-down for me is a god-send

With just one small snag, I won’t lie

The greater my number of birthdays

The greater the risk I might die.


So youngsters might call it a trade-off

It’s enviable while I survive

And I’ll milk it, cos when it’s all over

I might not still be alive.




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John Coopey

Fri 8th May 2020 07:08

I’m not sure “great” is the right word, Po. It’s just a bit of tosh to counter the bleatings of “I-can’t-cope-with-this” moaning Minnies.
And Thankyou for the Likes Brian, Itsjustme and Branwell.

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Thu 7th May 2020 21:10

Old Guys Rule

Says it all John.

Great poem that sums up my life this year.

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John Coopey

Thu 7th May 2020 19:37

Thanks, MC. Kind words. But unless I live to 135 I am nearer my box than my cradle.
And thanks for the Like, Tom and Stephen.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 7th May 2020 15:33

This sums up pretty much how I feel too. But I think that you're
pushing it a bit in the last verse. You're still a veritable youngster
in the older age bracket!

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