Aya Hachem ,only 19 years old,R.I.P.

Aya a 19 year old student was shot dead on her way to the shops,

The scene was attended by a helicopter and armed cops.

She was hit by a stray bullet from a passing car,

A Salford law student,a rising star.


Witnesses claimed the gunman was aiming at a carwash nearby,

Maybe addressing a conflict ,killing Aya, an innocent passerby.

An appalling and senseless attack,a young woman's life cut short,

King street in Blackburn was very busy,information please is sought.


Spending time with her family was her joy,

Dreamt of becoming a solicitor ,her future they did destroy.

At the Children's Society Aya was a young trustee,

An inspiring voice for children and the young was she.


Hopefully fingerprints or D.N.A. will have been left in the abandoned Toyota,

That will incriminate the perpertrators who didn't care one iota.

This terrible crime has shocked the whole town,

Lets catch the perpertrators and have them sent down.

◄ Back to school too soon!!

Hells bells ►


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