Busy rearing the young

the apple tree in its full glory

the Robin on blossom deep

foraging for its chicks

insects and grubs gathered in its beak


it glides onto the thorny hedge below

surveys for dangers to heed

assured darts off to a concealed nest

its hungry brood to feed


the Robin will tirelessly performs this duty

without fail everyday from dawn till dusk

to the day the young are fledged

driven by the perfume of immortal musk



◄ Silence reigned in the end

Just another lie ►


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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th May 2020 17:10

You and I, my friend, are like that Robin

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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th May 2020 17:08

Wisdom only comes with age Abdul.

Another saying of his was "You can't put an old head on young shoulders"

You know I honestly believe that 'our' generation had the best of times and the best of times.

The best music, that's for sure.

What changes we have seen in the last few decades.

Kids today don't know they've lived... Whatever that means.

Just this morning I was telling the Dutchess about an old song "The sun has got his hat on" OMG! How times have changed.

A certain 'Rosa Louise McCauley Parks' would not for an instant understand how far forward and how far back we have fallen.

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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 24th May 2020 16:57


I don't believe my dad ever met your dear old father?

His daily mantra was "if you can't say anything nice, say nothing."

I didn't heed the advice always. Had a knack of engaging my tongue before thinking.

With passing time I've understood the value of the wisdom offered.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th May 2020 11:46

I tend to give credit where credit is due, Abdul. I have enjoyed watching you post your ancient ditherings, old friend.

Keep up your ever-expanding knowledge and talent.

My dear old father used to tell me “Son if you can’t think of anything nice to say, say nothing”.

I have found that axiom hard to follow. I do have to bite my tongue at times.
I can be extremely outspoken when it warrants it. Like most Leos!


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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 24th May 2020 11:16


Thank you your magnanimous comment on this piece. It reassures an ancient dithering mind to carry on writing.

Always appreciate your input whether positive or negative. Those two beasts serve to improve ones perceptions.

But you never make negative comments no matter how appropriate they may be!


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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th May 2020 10:40

That last line is so poetic Abdul.

loved it

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