What would you rather be?

Lovers slip away to Paris,

each other to discover.


Bees skip flower to flower,

nectar to gather.


Lovers in Paris seek


artistic; and,


self gratification.


Bees among flowers,

flirt with pollen laden kisses,

to nurture farmers toil

to fruition 

for nectar alone.


Lovers in Paris,

swig champagne.


Bees among the flowers,

sup drink of the Gods.


All things considered,

I rather be a bee among flowers,

than a lover,

in Paris.


What would you rather be?

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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 11th May 2020 15:32


If it were in my gift I would grant your wish to be an owl. I've contacted Merlin. The wizard needs to know what species of owl would you like to be?

On a serious note:

Thank you for spending time to read this poem and indicating a like.



Mon 11th May 2020 12:28

An owl😄

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