Hand Wringing


Wash your hands

they admonish

yet when you go to the men's room

people rush in and out

some never stop to wash their hands

they take their germs with them

to spread around town

their mothers obviously failed

they were not taught

or if they were

dismiss the advice as just another rule

to be ignored

they have no common courtesy

no sense of decency

there is no thought of others

who cooks your hamburger

who handles your food

we can only hope

they washed their hands

but when you look at them

dirty thoughts cross your mind

and doubt creeps in

it's enough to make you sick

I wash my hands

of the whole affair.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 20th May 2020 15:28

Too right! I recall a snack bar assistant approach the counter to
serve me directly after fitting a waste bag into its receptacle...no
effort to wash her hands. I remonstrated and she actually looked
confused - as if i was being picky!!


Wed 20th May 2020 12:50

Better we cook our own food and eat.😦

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