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The Floating House

Base is the trust

The base is lost.

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Valentine met in Quarantine

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You may find the blue sky over his head.
Green leaves where he lie was his bed.
Harmony of blue, green and red.
"Oh you cute little addictive thing", he said.

He is the freedom of freedom you find.
He is the piece of peaceful mind.
He is the unexpected smile you hide.
He is the valentine who never lied.

He had everything that she would ever died.
He is the poet who talks rhyme and rhythms...

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Women's Day

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But why?
She asked from those waves
Thosand of waves gave answers
She could not agree with

Why not?
She asked from stars again
Because you are not the moon
Said one brave star
She didnt belive that either

So she became the sun, which lights the moon..



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Quiet the night
Gloomy and mist
But dancing stars with,
Glissando bliss.

Blushing the flower bud,
Covering to a leaf.
Seeing the sun rise,
She always wished.

Her shimmering smile,
And his glimmering eyes.
The flower just bloomed,
With a magical sign.

Roovi ♡

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The black coffee..

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Tick tock tick...
Her heart tock ticks...
Drying her lips,
a coffee she sips...

Recalling the things,
Memories she sings..
Tick tock tick...
Coffee she spills..

Giving her thoughts,
to fly with the wings...
Tick tock tick,
again she blinks...

Her life was the coffee,
in the bitter and sweet...
And then she is gone,
in the next minute...


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Swinging Girl

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Swinging girl under the shelter
Swinging all the time... 
Coming back to the shelter,
But again in the sun..

Smiling with the golden..
Golden the sun..
Get golden her fingers 
But burn through the fun...

She loved that pretty golden,
Heaven under the sun...
Coming back to the shelter 
But again in the sun...


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She is her choice

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You look at your lover's eyes,
call them as stars..
But you look at all those stars,
And never call them her eyes...

You look at your baby girl,
Call her a rose..
But you look at a rose,
And never call it's your girl...

Then you look at this girl,
thought it was her sister...
But you look at her sister,
And never called it's that girl...

She is a rose in a garden 
She is a star ...

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Who is more importent

Who is more important , and i believe its ME

I met a person who is a messenger from death

he asked only one thing from me ,

And  it was my breath.

I begged him for my life, because i wanted to live more

to make all my dreams that i saw come true.

Finally there was a chance but not a relief

He asked for my family as a exchange for me to live more.

Now  i have to decide who i...

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Save clean water because it scarce 
Protect what you breath like clean air
World has food but to some it is rare
You are blessed to have this all, you have no idea

Society lose happiness, no one would care
One forgets to smile but you still stare
People struggle with their own number of enough scare
You become one to them, now that is not fair 

Have you ever produce water or clean air?

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my Poem

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Blue shining sky 

White clouds passing by

Only that dark cloud could rain, but why?


Black birds fly

Singing thousand songs to the sky  

Why only one bird could not sing but cry?


Light green river flows

Feeding similar plants to grow

Why only one plant could survive? 


White thousand sheep at night so blind

One dreaming sheep you will find

Why it only ...

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