Some Words

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Some Words


I had been her son all my life

                But not all of hers

When she started calling me

                By her brother’s name

                Not my dad’s

                Her bother’s


Dead for these past 10 years


A stroke will do that to you

                Make you forget what you were saying

                Struggling to find the right

                                                                                You know

                                                                                You know



Sometimes the word she found made no sense

Sometimes the sense she had had no



Frustration grew

We started to believe it must be us

That this strange language meant something

And it did to her

                                                But not to us


That last time she touched my hand gently

And said something resembling goodbye

I could see it in her eyes

I didn’t need                                                     



When we came again

She was gone


I grieved twice

Once in my own name

And once in the name of her brother


I miss her voice

                 I miss her

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 7th May 2020 14:40

Thanks to the kind folk who 'liked' this poem 😃

Thank you Ray and Jennifer - I'm glad you picked up on the layout as that was the task within the prompt - to use an unfamiliar or difficult line spacing.
I thought it captured that real struggle we have with language when speech is taken away from one party. I'm really pleased you liked it - your comments meant a lot to me

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jennifer Malden

Wed 6th May 2020 13:33

Sad, but we all have /know someone like this. Agree with Ray that the layout is very clever and makes us almost participate in the growing dismay. Great writing.


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Wed 6th May 2020 13:23

Speaks volumes Ian. Very moving I must say. The layout looks right and highlights the disconnection . The whole experience such a minefield and has to be borne with stoicism and care.


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