The Oak Tree

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The oak tree

Unwavering and sturdy

Tells us how to be:

Don’t break so easily

In the slightest change of wind


Climbing back through my childhood bedroom window

Landing on shards of broken glass

Crimson oozes slowly

As I pray each stab is its last

So much has shaken me since my first landing

Each step taken cuts deeper than the beginning


Looking back 

That oak tree mocks me

He speaks, “Steady now

for like the days of an oak tree 

shall the days of our people be.

He has sent me here to mend the brokenhearted;

To shine a light during the mourning.

Remember from where you have fallen

And you shall return to that which bears fruit.

Listen to the ways of the wind:

Rejoice for His love has been given.”


*A work in progress. Feedback welcomed.


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