Taking Stock

Lock-down's the best thing that

Ever happened to me.

No more mad commutes or

Pen-pushing, watching the clock

Among people I hate.

Out of the

Mindless hurly-burly with its

Endless fugues of anxiety I'm free

To take stock and

Think about my life


The humdrum marriage

Malevolent in-laws

A defunct love-life

Three ungrateful kids

The money I squandered

Ambitions that ran into the sand

Those noisy beggars next door with a new car

The lucrative career I never had

The girl I should have married

The sheer unfairness of the whole stinking charade...


I've been like this a couple of days and

By now I'm quite breathless with despair.

I've ordered an oximeter on-line but will it tell me what

I don't want to know?

What's that number we're supposed to ring?

I've got too much time on my hands

I must try to get a grip or

Lock-down will be the death of me


deathlock-downoximetertaking stock

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