The Ghosts Of Covid-19

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We see you and reach out amidst this sea of unknown faces
We watch through tears, in silence and remember familiar places
Where once the streets held smiles from many families black and white
Where music flowed through windows, well into the night
Where street lamps held the kisses of all lovers neath the moon
This chance I never got to feel being taken far too soon
Our voices now but echoes, our footprints lie unseen
Forgotten through the chaos due to Covid 19
We did our best we followed rules we tried to save each other
Mothers, Fathers, communities, Sisters, friends and Brothers.
Others simply disregarded all the good We'd done
So the unseen virus hovered and took us one by one
I had so much to live for. I was only 17
Yet there are no human boundaries in the hands of Covid 19
I came down sick, I couldn't breath, I coughed, I begged for air
My Mother had done all she could through tears, fears and despair
and as they placed me on the trolley my Mother held me tight
and whispered softly in my ear, Your going yo be alright
The ambulance doors swiftly closed, my thoughts were getting home
That's the last I saw of Mum, I died there all alone
Within the sterile white cold walls, another death obcene
Just another statistic in the hands of Covid 19
Now we pray in shadows. We reach out arms stretched wide
And plead to you to save each other by staying well inside.
Stand strong, unite across the world, your strength needs to be seen
That time will come when you all will be free. You can beat this Covid 19.


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Tue 19th May 2020 06:05

Captures the coronavirus issue really well.A pleasure to read in these dark times.Writen a few on this tragedy myself.Well done.

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