I loved and I waited
I looked and I saw
The wind was with you,
Alea acta est
I yearned for fulfillment
In longing, sweet longing
Night of truth, the night of a test

I looked and I saw
Snow fell - not too much
Clock kept rhythm
Beating like a drum
Me here and you there
Bewildered fulfillment
And the hope
And the deed to be done

I looked and I saw
From two dreams entangled
(I waited)
Fate weaved future from sighs
There was no other way
And that way I wanted
So I watched, still yours, still I

Touch of brush on your face
(must be gentle, I fathom)
Come what may
(and hope for the best)
And the rhythm kept drumming
The rhythm of clockwork
The rhythm
Alea acta est

What I wanted I got
And you got what you wanted
Of two longings
Out of mind, out of touch
And the rhythm, the rhythm
Around and around
Please come in
Oh I loved you so much

The chosen, the lover
The ice blonde
Stone warrior
Hardened steel
Softest fluff

So I watched and I watched
Dancing victory dance
Morning dew, my sweet friend
All was done, all was done
Perfect beauty
Too perfect to touch

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