Say what you must

And do what you can -

That's my idea

Of an admirable man





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John Coopey

Sun 31st May 2020 07:26

Raise a glass to all of us who can’t help but say what we think. I’m not sure it makes us admirable but it certainly makes me content within myself.

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Sat 30th May 2020 15:37

I am having great trouble manning up at the moment.

The misdirection, lies, and deceit are not even trying to be hidden any longer. the masses are so brain dead from all the statistics every news item rams down our throats ... Ramping up how fantastic a job the government is doing.

The amazing NHS not being overwhelmed (I am NOT having a go the NHS here) Exactly the opposite is the case. The only reason they were not overwhelmed is because of the thousands of 'little people' who worked and worked and worked until they dropped (dead literally for some).

They have been so badly let down as have all the care sector.

The countless (because the true numbers will never be known) of elderly and infirm residents in homes right across England, Scotland and Wales who have died quite possibly a death that need not have happened if the correct PPE was available... AND The full truth told to the masses before the virus even hit our shores.

The 'Experts knew with 100% certainty what was coming down the track. This was a slow-motion train wreck of epic proportions.

That hit us like a whirlwind, a hurricane of such magnitude it flattened almost every single family in one way or another, and while the experts are saying we have flattened the cure (queue the back-slapping) thousands of families are and are about to count the real cost in terms of human suffering.

The debacle of Cummings has had me in tears this week.

Man up!

If only I could.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 30th May 2020 11:50

No prize sought for guessing the identity. Perhaps a reversal -
Say what you can
And do what you must
And if folk object
You're not really fussed....??

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Fri 29th May 2020 22:04

That is all well and good unless that man is saying those words then it kind of negates the admirable bit somewhat.

Just recalling a recent past event... not a go at the current poem and certainly not the admirable poet.


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