The "Corona" Special

So we all know this is bullshit, this thing called Corona Virus,

My friends and I don't wear masks and now people won't stand beside us,

Damn it's crazy that people still watch the news,

All they do is lie and it's owned by the Jews,

That doesn't make me a racist so please just relax,

Just look up the definitions and make sure you know your facts,

Can't you see this virus is one big fuckin' joke,

Government mandated lock down and now the people are going broke,

Turn off your T.V.'s now cause the media is corrupt,

It's sad how many can't see it and the people need to wake up,

So put down the remote and gain some clarity,

So we can finally put an end to the government tyranny,

I'm gonna say it again you're all being tricked,

It's time to get your mouth off the government's dick,

Sorry I'm so harsh but a slap to your face was needed,

Your paradigm had to be changed so better thoughts can be seeded,

So next time you here "Corona" and I'll say this every time,

Bring your own beers and don't forget the limes.




MAY 9, 2020

americabrainwashingconspiracyCorona viruscorruptiongovernmentlieslock downmedianewspropagandatruthtyranny


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