Bluebell Woods



Bluebell Woods


In the enchanted forest, far, far away

Rabbits dress in waistcoats and chat about their day

Fairies live in toadstools, deep in the wooded dell

They sing and dance to the chimes of the quivering bluebell

An Enid Blyton story, a fairy tale or dream

Or closer to the truth, than at first it would seem


Down in Bluebell Woods, which is not so far away

The magical spell of nature creates a mystical display

A deep, plush carpet grows in a dappled violet hue

The trampled, threadbare pathway leads us safely through

A lush, fresh, heady scent fills the air of spring

Accompanied by the silent sound of bells that do not ring


Bluebells, like an ocean swell, as far as the eye can see

A vast sea of rippling waves, broken only by the trees

Rabbits hide in burrows, dodging the light of spring

Butterflies flutter like fairies, birds tweet and sing

In May magic comes to life in a woodland near you

Spring in all its glory, fairy tales really can come true



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Paul Sayer

Thu 21st May 2020 12:14

Written by a childlike mind
who sees the wonder, that to adults blind
never lose that innocent guise
This is magical poetry rhapsodized


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