First Grade Pandemic

One thing I now know for sure,
a pandemic fuels power trips and paranoia.

Takes you back to first grade when everyone, 
except your best friend, had cooties. 

Playground bullies made all the rules, 
their favorite game was keep away. 

You better listen to them, 
or you will rue the day.

You wore Halloween masks, 
through suffocating sweat.

Take it off,
no candy you get.

Voices in the dark,
made you freeze in fear.

Hope for a brighter tomorrow 
seemed drear.

You couldn't wait to go 
outside and play. 
Only hugs and kisses, 
made hurt go away.  



◄ Forgetfulness

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Mon 14th Dec 2020 16:19

Thanks Ghazala. Someday it will all be a distant memory! ❤

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Ghazala lari

Mon 14th Dec 2020 11:30

Oh those days of lockdown blues. Thnx for reminding.?

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Sun 17th May 2020 14:41

Thanks so much for stopping by Po, Moongirl & Mortimer. I appreciate you sharing your insights. Po, sometimes it takes me hours to find a video to accompany my poetry, but I always enjoy the journey! Stay safe. Write on! ?


Sun 17th May 2020 13:01

Its heartwarming to see that times as alienated and difficult as these can be related to something as warm and simple as the 1st grade, stay safe out there and keep writing

<Deleted User> (24283)

Sun 17th May 2020 03:44

A well assessed briefing....I agree!

Cooties reminds me of zombies.....hahaha!!!?

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