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Always Love You

I will always love you. For the sun and the moon to know, to let the fear flow, to let the earth turn slow. Universe is for the lovers...



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Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me about sadness
I have felt it all along
Before my body knew how to ache
Before it bled to every wounds you made 

Don't tell me to keep promises
I've always dealt with lies, bad ones
Long before I knew love could trade me for some kind of infidelity
Before it sold the truth to buy back the dishonesty

Don't ask me to put on a smile
I've tried it my whole life
Before these ...

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sad lovesadness

The Darkest Night

Please guide me home
for tonight I wont be able to walk alone
I need soft-spoken eyes to show me the way
I need pure loving hands to tap on my shoulders
Kind-hearted soul for my heart to release this pain
I think I can't go any further
I know I've lost the track, can't find the right path to come back
I've screwed everything since the awake of the universe
I've forgotten what it's like to ...

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lonelinesssad love

21 Years

21 years we are
I love you is all I can say
Missing you that's all I can do

21 years we've been
Though now we are apart
Only you, you and you I can think of
The soul that I surrender to

21 years we'll be
Crossing through the time zone 
Surviving the longest distance
We'll find each other 
To be together
Until those wrinkles set in
Until our hands and feet are weak
Until these eye...

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long distance love

Do You Remember

Do you remember 
The first time we met
The second time we kissed
The third time we were back together
When we let it as it was
When we were almost there

Do you remember 
When it crawled up then chose to slip between our hands
When it became vulnerably tragic
When you were the lies and I could never be truer than the unforgiven truth 

Do you remember 
The wasted time we accidentally ...

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The roaring blender
The fresh vegetables
A nice dessert
Sweet and sour
All were ready to pour

It was a long conversation
Ticking clock

I looked at the papers
Signed and silent
All done
I am done

Small quiet room
Fridge in the corner
Goodbye to an old dishwasher

At 9 o' clock on Friday night
The snow was rushing down

a kiss goodnight
a whisper as I closed the window,


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