Temporary Freedom

Temporary Freedom

Stepping further inside yourself each night
whether six days or six weeks in isolation
after a while it will become
more and more difficult 
to return to what you were before

Stripping away your routine
from staggering up at 6 each morning
and a hour long commute both ways
into broken sleepless nights
ballad heavy with silence

And when work calls you
expecting you to drop everything 
returning to the man you were 
expecting everything will return to what it was
you know it is easier said than done

walk in like you used to be able in
pacing around the office with a moan
when the bus was ten minutes late
in a disinterested postscript 
ironing the daylight awake. 

Now you don’t know what to say
changing almost completely in weeks
from what you once were
knowing It hurt to be free
even for just a short while. 

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Andy N

Wed 6th May 2020 14:24

True, true Nigel. Funny times with the world at the moment. Thanks for the comment buddy.

Thanks also to Itsjustmedownhere and Alive_sunflower for the likes. I almost didn't share this poem for reasons I am sure you can work out for yourself.

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Nigel Astell

Tue 5th May 2020 01:16

Deep emotions hidden inside
resurface back into life
before you know it
the outside world decides
it's time to return.

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