The Ingrates



The Ingrates


Put yourself in my shoes

Try to imagine being me

Always right

Knowing that every decision I ever made

Was for the good of my family

But they were too stupid

Or ignorant to see it



So I’d been in the pub all day

But not drinking

Well… drinking, but not for pleasure

I was looking for work

If I didn’t go to the places where the people were

How was I supposed to find a job?


Why couldn’t they understand?

The family

The leeches

With their accusing looks

Claiming to be hungry

When there was bread and jam aplenty


Can you imagine having to come home to that?

After I’d left the comfort

Of the pub’s warm fire

Only to be met with a reception

Colder than the house itself


The nagging wife

The mewing brats


Who were they to judge me?

When I’d given them so much


The petrol can just happened to be there

The ingrates deserved no better

A spark would end it all

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kJ Walker

Wed 24th Jun 2020 22:08

Sad but true I'm afraid John. My dad was always up to "antics", but this was among his worse

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John Coopey

Wed 24th Jun 2020 08:20

Jeez, Kev. I’ve heard you perform this before but only just realised the back story.

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kJ Walker

Sun 31st May 2020 07:26

Although I wrote this one in the first person it's actually about my dad. In 1985 he poured petrol over my mum and 2 of my siblings and tried to burn them.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 28th May 2020 06:15

A man can only take so much!

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