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Life's tears

Her pristine beauty is only reflected in midnights dreams

her tears, diamond streaks upon her cheeks

Amongst the light that brightly holds her,

she sings a lonely melody of unattainable love


Seeking in endless time what she knows she’ll never obtain,

sweet solace in cold and steady arms

Poring her heart out in the only method she can,

sending a sentiment of true feelings 


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Ignorance is bliss, so the elders might say

Yet why does the heart clench in anguish

The stomach turns in to a knotted pit

Swallowing doubts into a heaping mess

Painting a picture of peace, of innocence

Only to cover the hideous truth underneath


Why cant one accept that their sins hold weight

Burdening them with a false sense of happiness

Later, to be struck with a spe...

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Cracked Mask

I give a shy smile, a nod to acknowledge,

never allowing the world to see the ache

I laugh, a monotone ring to deaf ears,

denying the morose life that I lead


I wear a mask of many features, proudly

Actress of the year, accepting a false trophy

Hidden is the disgust that I hold against ignorance,

believing that no one could see the true me


Without notice, the stres...

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The Rain and Forgotten Land

  The Rain


Parched lands, and torrid heat. 

The arid ground has been devoid of life for an eternity.

The only thing left is distant and damaged memories. 

Scorched trees and dead river beds.


The remnants left, scarcely tell the story of what used to be 

but there hardly seems a point in reminiscing, 

for this is all there will seem to be.

The sun is deafening, the...

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Dire Consequences

It creeps into the veins, taking root,

the dread seeps into the very bone

Fear takes hold, latching on tight,

pain into your very being is sown


Scarlet wings spread against pristine tile,

an icy grip clenches around your heart

A dark shadow looms close above,

A scythe strikes tearing your soul apart


Pulled in by burning chains, you fall,

the smell of brimstone ...

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Looking at Life Through Stained Glass

Can we really see all that is before us,
or just a blurry image of possible lies?
Can we feel what we want?
or is our judgment too unclear?
Can we taste, hear, sense what is right there,
or is the devil's mark obscuring our view?
We allow others to hide our sight slightly
Not seeing what we want,
but what the world wants us to assume
Can we rid our self of these blind folds?
Can we as hu...

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The Voices

Sitting in silence, thoughts run wild
it's the screaming I can't unhear
' You're unwanted' ' you're disgusting'
upon my shatered heart, it's seared

No escape from this cage of doubt
now only crimison tears will pour
Fighting against this inner demon
bloody scratch marks cover the door

Like a lonely child hiding from monsters
I curl up in my lonely bed
Wishing for a sanctuary of peace

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My Red Chrysanthemum

Upon my road lie yellow chrysanthemums, 

their cruel beauty smiled down on me

Pulling broken limbs along shards of glass,

scarlet trails are the marks I bleed


Stalking not far behind, it hungers

The ghost of my past that hates change

Fearing the chains that once bound me

I aching increase my solemn pace


Even After being lost in webs of torn trust

and lies heape...

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Let me in

I see you


The scars that you hide under that smile,

the struggles that seep through your pores

Even as your strength depletes midair,

like a warrior angel, upon broken wings, you soar


I see you


Your inner battles as they strike at your might,

you beat back the demons that attack

Keeping us safe through the worse of the storm,

never allowing us to peek at t...

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Dying Hope

There are no Holy rains to wash away the filth
Too many reaching flames lying deep within
No prayer to pray or star to shine
To clean the world’s stain of mortal sin

My own pristine wings, they’re corrupted,
weighting as if I carry a thousand boats
Demon dancing about me, laughing,
pouring their poison down my parched throat

Far are the thoughts of any utopia,
only false masks that monste...

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No Escape

The surface in which she claws through
is but a mere inch of fragile glass
Spitting malicious words of doom,
trapped within a cage that won’t last

I play blind to this image she shows,
only wishing to never see truth
Fighting against her unfathomable will,
pretending to be deaf with obvious proof

She snickers at the tears that pour
for I’m too weak to such poison
Beating me down with sni...

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Lost Dreams

In the tiny box buried deep, forgotten

Lays an abused and trampled girl

Curled upon her shattered heart

That lie no larger then a pearl


Only a burden, a sentient piece of trash

With dried cheeks streaked with pure salt

Dreaming of the warmth of being cherished

And never put at unreasonable fault


She merely wishes to be noticed

Craving to gain that vibrant gift ...

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One Way Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Why is it that I see my fall?


This glassy surface shows me all

The me that wants out,

that constantly shouts

Bloody fingertips

Little cuts, little slips

Bruises covering from head to toe

The little girl screaming "no!"

The whispers of a violent past,

all this shown through thick layered glass

Inside the icy prison; dark brown eyes g...

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I was once a broken and abused soul,

allowing all who passed to judge me

Beaten down with fists and words,

this world's cruelty made me ugly


The pain to live upon this barren plain

made hell's doors a place of peace

Carrying on this demon-like existence,

I wished only for my heart to cease


However, a light was shone upon me,

it's very voice showed long lost hop...

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New Spectrum

With youth, we see through shades of white,

a pure canvas with which to paint a story

and as we grow, colors mix without us knowing

Soon we strive for personal glories


Mistakes are made, loss is unavoidable,

life throws a curveball a time or two

Each person has their own system in use

The word ‘perfection’ is proven untrue


Weaving together our faults and our pride...

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