Those Low Down Bottle Blues

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Those Low Down Bottle Blues


The day the clock struck thirteen

We took it as a sign

That the world might be in peril

So we all broke out the wine

But it probably was nothing

Just a poor miscounted chime

An end to our sobriety

And not the end of time


The night the stars rearranged themselves

In a moonlit sky

We all dived for the whisky bottle

And some of us got high

But it was only space hardware

Drifting across the heavens

Not a case of six six six

But a case of Party Sevens


The day the sun rose in the west

We shook down to our boots

And prayed for divine intervention

And put on our Sunday suits

And headed to the churches

To pray for all our sins

but those in the know just hit the bars

for tequilas, rum and gins


We’ve always got an answer

And it’s usually a bottle

When the world is just in second gear

And our lives are at full throttle

I guess it’s not the answer

And I know that to be true

But bottoms up, forget it all

And cheers to all of you

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