With a shadow I danced
And misplaced was the night
And her lips - so unkissed
(Till she finally complied)
And her beauty - unreal
With a shadow I danced
(Will I see her again?)
Was it fate? A romance?
(Will I see her again?)
Am I close - or not quite?

So she was, and was I
And but us not a soul
And I loved it that way
And she wanted some more
And I wanted the night
Not to end, just to stay
Glimpse of Heaven, 
the touch of her hair

And we stayed
And we danced
In a room, with the crowd
And her touch
And the beat
Oh - so sweet
Oh - so loud
And she danced
Close to me,
(and if you inquire)
Heaven sent ("the Heaven's on fire")
Close by me, dancing the demons away
Touch of Kali
Blue diamond
Black flame

◄ Before we met

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<Deleted User> (22292)

Mon 25th May 2020 16:42

Beautiful, I enjoy the rhythm of this poem.😃

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