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A lockdown lullaby

So silently
So peacefully
Stillness that be
Break to a break
Pause to a pause

So peacefully
So suddenly
A strange gift for me
Under a lock
Under a key

The shrunken world
Behind the curtain
A pantomime
The song bird sings
For motley dreams
Of troubled kind

A candle light
A touch of love
In pestilence time
A kiss good night
A kiss for my

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Beyond the storm

In a world came to a standstill
I learn to meditate
Twice a day, 20 minutes

I do not miss the sense of taste that much
The fever was inconclusive
Maybe I just overdosed on vitamins?
I can live without the taste

I try to feel scared,
Or maybe at least entrapped, 
as one should, instead of feeling so inappropriately enabled to self-discover
But meditation teaches us to not force the mi...

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Silvia Sez

On grass she laughs
The wounded cat
Her tired eyes
She works so hard
Who would have thought
The year will pass
“Play for me “
Silvia asks

How come - she asks
This time, that time
That time that passed
Shows me the scars
How come - she asks
On nails she lies
And smiles

How come - she asks
Piece of your heart
You cannot love
You are so starved
And then you meet
Somebody hollo...

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The sun was bright
Gates open wide
And Esther was the one

I danced - you walked
I listened while you talked
It was not me who cried

You took the blame
And name in vain
I loved the way you lied

We kissed the kiss
And then you missed
That tiny fleeting smile

Your dress so white
Eyes shut so wide
The closure has begun

Polish roulette
The stage was set
For mischief to be don...

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I loved and I waited
I looked and I saw
The wind was with you,
Alea acta est
I yearned for fulfillment
In longing, sweet longing
Night of truth, the night of a test

I looked and I saw
Snow fell - not too much
Clock kept rhythm
Beating like a drum
Me here and you there
Bewildered fulfillment
And the hope
And the deed to be done

I looked and I saw
From two dreams entangled
(I wa...

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With a shadow I danced
And misplaced was the night
And her lips - so unkissed
(Till she finally complied)
And her beauty - unreal
With a shadow I danced
(Will I see her again?)
Was it fate? A romance?
(Will I see her again?)
Am I close - or not quite?

So she was, and was I
And but us not a soul
And I loved it that way
And she wanted some more
And I wanted the night
Not to end, jus...

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Before we met

Abandon all hope
You say
Nail it to the gate for the met online
I'll obey, Ms. Dante
But what I cannot help
Is to hopelessly wait
For the look in your eyes
When the me meets the image of mine
Inside your mind
And whether the shirt can help
Or these words, written on a bus

You tell me not to expect
Ms. Dante
That is only right
Because I dubbed you already in my mind
The Unexpected

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